Speak of the devil

After mentioning this wine in a comment below I couldn’t really think of an excuse to leave it in the wine cupboard.

Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru les Cras 1995, Ghislaine Barthod

Bright red fruit on the nose. Very pure and quite ripe. Not so ripe that this is heroic, thankfully, as some ’95s are. The fruit is really lovely. The palate has some big tannins, but there is plenty of fruit and ripeness. There is a lot of charm here. Nice acidity to balance the fruit. This is a lovely, pure and balanced Chambolle and what more could one ask from a wine beyond it being a lovely Chambolle? It could easily have lasted many more years, but is certainly a a lot of fun to drink now.

I was feeling a bit miserable until I drank this. Alcohol is not a cheap alternative to happiness, it is an expensive pre-requisite for happiness.