Bordeaux? Do you think I am rich?

Well, not that over-priced red-stuff. Anyone who buys red Bordeaux either has no taste or should lend me a tenner. The wine:

La Tour Blanche 1990 1er Cru Classe Sauternes:

Lawks, what a nose! I can smell the Sauvignon Blanc and one hell of a lot of botrytis. Certainly very rich, but loads of fresh acidity. Fruit is very apricotty. This is incredibly long. I am typing this with three friends, they suggest this wine is variously; reeking of mould (botrytis, that is), having a coconut aftertaste and apricot brandy character. It has good peaches and cream tones. I think this is great, and at £35 a bottle it was a bargain. Sauternes is not my favourite kind of sweet wine, but this just oozes loveliness.

That was one hell of a good wine at a damned keen price. Nice change to taste top class Sauternes when sober.