Apologies for the lack of posts recently

I’m sorry the posts have dried up this month; I am trying to shed some lard and necking bottles of wine followed by huge restaurant meals is not the way to achieve this. At least I am losing weight (see the graph of my weight loss below, scale in kilograms).

[image image_id=”2295″]

I will try and rave about some wines as soon as possible.

  • Sam Goth

    Congratulations on losing weight and getting to your goal! It’s a tough thing you’ve accomplished.

    Now the really hard part begins-maintaining your new svelte figure.

  • Richard B

    I was worried that you had gone properly bonkers again.

    20kg is a lot to have lost. Over how long?

    My top tip for maintaining a good weight is to take up running, two or three times a week. It eats calories, and it gives you another reason to stay light on your feet. Also helps you sleep.

    Now… perhaps unhelpfully: would you be interested in coming to a Burgundy offline with myself and some of the wine pages crew?



  • David Strange

    No, not bonkers, I am being very careful to avoid things that will push me back in that direction again.

    Ah, you spotted my cunning omission of a timescale. I have lost 20kg since the start of December. Still seems like pretty good going to me.

    Richard, I will have to cry off the wine pages tasting. However, if you would like to meet up and are in London would you be interested in going to Andrew Edmunds one day? Their wine list is well worth plundering. Hawksmoor is also an option on Mondays when we can bring our own wine. Let me know; I am very happy to meet followers of my spume of drivel (this site).