The best coffee really is at home

I went out into Town today to meet the partner for lunch. [link2post id=”564″]Damned-good lunch it was too[/link2post]. Before meeting up I went to a Nero Express coffee bar and ordered a double espresso. It was one of the most piss-awful coffees I’ve had in my entire life. Thin, bitter and lacking in complexity. Vile. After I’d choked back the crap I also felt it was lacking in caffeine value. Poor show, Nero Express.

When I got home I still felt the niggling urge to have a caffeine boost so I looked in the Sophie Lowe bowl of coffee pods and, lucky fellow I am, there was one Indriya pod left. This is one of the the ‘pure origin’ Nespresso pods [link2post id=”770″]I’ve ranted about before. Once again it was a brilliant cup of espresso. [link2post id=”766″]Brilliant, I tell you. We must order more of these.

Since I’m feeling [link2post id=”676″]charged up an anecdote springs to mind. After one trip to the loony bin I was prescribed mood stabilisers. I hated them. As far as my enjoyment of life went everything felt just barely tolerable with no variation. It would have been really depressing if I would have been capable of being really depressed. People said I was less fun then. It was great to come off them and feel the wild swings of excessive brilliance once again. I admit it was less enjoyable for the utter misery end of the swings, but at least life has some colour. Florid, I’d say.

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