I need more 2007 German wine

The question is, which ones? As my long-term readers know I have almost no cash; I cannot afford much. I am torn between getting 6 bottles of good quality kabinett/spatlese type wines or 3 flashier bottles of top Auslesen. I need guidance. This calls for another fantastic Elitist Review poll!

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As usual, followers of the RSS feed will have to come to the site to vote.

  • David Strange

    Flash wins the day! Hooray!

    I’ve got an Auslese and an Auslese Goldcap (both Wehlener Sonnenuhr) from JJ Prum and Riesling Auslese Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Fuder 75 from von Schubert.

  • Gernot

    As you are aware I enjoy very much the German RR’s! The best thing is to drink a bottle Sunday afternoon on the terrace…
    The lightness and multilayered fruit is the key. Why do you need more than a Spätlese? I had recently a tasting of JJ Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr back to 1990 and the Sp performed overall better than the Al…

  • David Strange

    German Rieslings are really great wines, I agree Gernot, fill a space nothing else can. However, even though the tide of voting has changed since I made my purchase I am pleased to have some Auslesen. I’ve got enough Kabinetts and Spatlesen, I want something different.