Quality Pinot not from the magic slope

Sealed with a glass stopper this is not going to be corked. Good, it is delicious.

[image image_id=”2227″] Central Coast Pinot Noir 2005, Calera

Not that it means much, but this is surprisingly light in colour. The nose is bursting with attractive, fleshy Pinot fruit; lovely. OK, the alcohol does stand out a bit, it smells a somewhat warm, but there is plenty of fruit and, dare I say it, hints of earthy complexity. The palate is soft and fruity, with ripe tannins and just enough acidity to keep it lively. Again, the alcohol stands out a bit on the finish, but it is still charming. The Calera single-vineyards require age for them to show their best, no need for that with this wine. Drink and enjoy, especially as it is on sale in Waitrose.

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