The best Cornas

I was fortunate enough to have another bottle [link2post id=”of 912″]Verset Cornas 1999[/link2post] last night; it was quite delicious. It made me think about the discussions I’ve had with my wine obsessed friends about who makes the best Cornas. So, I have set up a poll and the best Cornas can be established by popular acclaim.

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  • Ed

    Colombo? Oh please. Abd Chapoutier makes the best Hermitage?

  • David Strange

    You’ve got to give the options, old bean, even if it revolts me to think that some people will pay for Colombo wines using their own money and, worst of all, enjoy the vapid effluent.

  • Jeremy

    So you’re saying that it’s worse to pay for Colombo and enjoy it than it would be to pay for it and not enjoy it. Surely you should be grateful for these people not competing for the availability of other, objectively superior wines?

  • David Strange

    I suppose I’d rather people were right and hated Colombo wines, so never purchased them again and so drive him out of business. If people like his wines there is less of a chance that his vineyards will be used to make proper wine.

  • Jeremy

    As an “other”, I’d like to include Stephane Robert at Domaine du Tunnel. I’d probably put him in my top 5, behind Clape, Verset and tied for 3rd with Lionnet, ahead of Allemand (whose wines are very good, but I remain skeptical about their ability to age in an interesting manner).

  • David Strange

    Domaine du Tunnel make some serious wines. The 2001 Cornas Vin Noir that Daniel picked up is very pleasing, if incredibly tannic.

    I’ve never had an old Allemand wine. They seem nice enough when young, but lacking the gustatory fireworks of Lionnet, Clape, Verset and, since you mentioned them, Domaine du Tunnel.

    Any thoughts on Vincent Paris’s Cornas?