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Ben's Canteen

Fine wine frolics at Ben’s Canteen

I hope you will forgive me if this is not my longest or most coherent article, things got a bit quaquaversal in the early hours of this morning. However, yesterday evening was lavishly loaded with laughs and it might return a bit of order to my mind to try and report on the wizard walrus experience […]

Rioja Gran Reserva Imperial 2000 from CUNE

A rather good gift

I was sent this bottle as a gift by a generous reader – thanks! He clearly realised my historical loathing for Rioja has, like the old wines I’m growing to like, mellowed considerably. Still, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this wine with its not blindingly obvious charms. CUNE are a safe producer […]

Guy modelling Crozes-Hermitage 1983

Mature Crozes-Hermitage, unfeasibly good Rioja, Chambolle-Musigny and red Sancerre

As I lack a comprehensive cellar laid down by wine-loving parents I do not try properly mature wines as often as I would like. Consequently, when Guy and Peter came around on Tuesday night for a sedate blind-tasting session it was quite a treat to try a couple of wines that were definitely ripe for […]