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2012 Maximin Grunhauser Herrenberg Auslese 25

Red-hot nipple clamps

2012 German Riesling is great. It is very ripe with luxurious Kabinetts and Spatlesen bursting with ripe, rich fruit. There is plenty of acidity too. The wines fizz with vibrant life, burning through your tooth enamel and sending thrills of excitement through your body as they scold your stomach. Most of the 2012 German Rieslings […]

Pfluger Riesling Trocken 2013

A real flyer

Those of us who learned to taste German Riesling Trockens in the nineties and early noughties realised we should view them with fear and loathing. They were lean, harsh, acrid entities of pain and severity. I utterly hated them and vowed I would never say a good word about them. Clearly just to irritate me, […]

The Youth of Bacchus

40th birthday wine poll

Given my youthful visage and playful attitude you may be surprised I was born almost forty years ago; my birthday party is in November. It’ll be a quiet little affair with a few select friends whom I like, nay, love deeply and want to celebrate with that one day a year one gets old on. […]

Team Elitistreview enjoy a taste of Willi

2012 German Riesling from Howard Ripley

The 2012 German Riesling tasting by Howard Ripley shows that I could well be out of a job. Virtually all the wines I tasted were of an extremely enjoyable standard and it is clearly another great vintage in Germany. Indeed, with the improvements in viticulture in Germany, notably more and more estates controlling their yields, […]

JJ Prum 2009 Spatlese and Kisu the cat

Plump pleasure, fat fun

It is a good job I have got over the dream of being a winemaker. Partly because it will never happen, but mostly because it is a total bastard of a job. The vineyard this Prum Riesling is grown in is steeper than the walk back home up the hill after shopping, and doing that […]

de Montille Volnay Champans 2002

Extreme elegance

Continuing my report on when Mr Greg came for lunch I’ll tell you about a couple of stunners. Our main course was a leg of Oxford Sandy and Black pork from Beechcroft Direct whose pigs have provided many of my most profound pork pleasures. Perhaps, my faithful readers, you will be unsurprised to learn I […]

Robert Weil Spatlese Kiedrich Grafenberg 2007

A Riesling worthy of celebration

Today I did something that meant quite a lot to me and I’m very proud to have managed: I went out to the postal delivery office by myself and collected a parcel waiting for me. Now, this may not sound like very much at all to you peculiar normal people, but I have been too […]

Willi Schaefer Riesling Kabinett 2007

Necessary pleasures

People lucky enough not to follow me on Twitter will be unaware that I’ve been avoiding booze for the past period of time as I’ve been on painkillers of heroism. Despite regular exercise and desperately trying to be less tall I knackered my back again. I’ve managed without any of the really mind-buggering pills today so […]


Rip-roaring Riesling

Sorry there haven’t been many posts recently. I’ve just started psychotherapy and this has caused much introspection. Not lubricated with wine, strangely. So it’s nice to pop something and it’s particularly spiffing that the bottle is so totally spiffing. We’re drinking it with Hampwiches. This was one of the wines I loved most at Howard […]


Concupiscently drinkable Riesling

For my third birthday dinner I am going out for Thai food – I don’t think that really matches with wine. Maybe the Thai Shiraz they offer might work: it’s the only wine I’ve seen on a list bragging about getting a lowly 82 Parker points. Buggered if I’m drinking dodgy Thai Shiraz, so it’ll […]

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