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A perverted little gathering to indulge our fine wine fetish

Lunch yesterday stretched our fine wine fetishes from distinctly lovely experiences to downright perverted twistedness. Is not that what fine wine collecting and drinking really is? An intense perversion practised by fetishists? That in no way means that it is bad, just that it is perverted. What I am suggesting is that if you are […]

Rene Engel Clos-Vougeot Grand Cru 1998

Live in the moment

The supreme aesthetic experience is something that is sadly meaningless to a large proportion of the population. Sad it is because the visceral, emotional, intellectual thrills that can penetrate your psyche and infuse your whole body, taking it to a different plane of existence, are so profound they improve and enhance our lives, our view […]

Parker's Wine Buyer's Toss

The perversion that is scoring wine

People giving points to wine is admittedly such an easy target to destroy it is like going dynamite fishing in a barrel. Additionally, I am sure I have raged about it on Elitistreview before. However, a memory cropped up this morning that I thought was quite instructive, and it allows me to wallow in the […]

Big Bottle Bash menu

Davy’s Big Bottle Birthday Booze Bonanza

lomstercode: Here are a few pictures from Davy’s 40th birthday party at The Cow in West London. It was the best birthday party ever! The food and service was outstanding, the wines were truly awesome, and so was the company. Thank you all for making it such a special, fun and memorable evening! Thank you to […]

The Youth of Bacchus

40th birthday wine poll

Given my youthful visage and playful attitude you may be surprised I was born almost forty years ago; my birthday party is in November. It’ll be a quiet little affair with a few select friends whom I like, nay, love deeply and want to celebrate with that one day a year one gets old on. […]

Team Elitistreview enjoy a taste of Willi

2012 German Riesling from Howard Ripley

The 2012 German Riesling tasting by Howard Ripley shows that I could well be out of a job. Virtually all the wines I tasted were of an extremely enjoyable standard and it is clearly another great vintage in Germany. Indeed, with the improvements in viticulture in Germany, notably more and more estates controlling their yields, […]


Lunch and wines with Jinke and Per

Good company, good food and good wine; what more could one wish for when enjoying lunch? Lunch last week delivered all of these at the very pulsing end of jolliness; I don’t think any of us quite expected to have such a roaringly good time. Incredible thanks must go to Editor Dani for cooking with […]

Guy should not be looking so happy

Lunch with Guy and Marie-Pierre – could try harder

On Sunday we had great fun hosting Guy Dennis and his fiancée Marie-Pierre. It was great that Guy had found a partner so charming and generally lovely. Shame only one of the other four things Guy brought along was any good. The meal was a great success (once again) for the meat of Woodlands Jersey […]

Ricard with Cuvee 735

Pleasures of the flesh with Ricard and Dani

The charming Ricard Sariola joined Dani and I to celebrate St George’s day with a wing rib of beef. Roast beef is about as English as things get and so am I! We also tasted Riesling, Burgundy and a selection of heroic Mourvedres. Truly we are serious chaps to undertake such an engagement for Monday […]

Simon Taylor with Balthazar Cornas 2001

Drinking with Stone, Vine and Sun

Being fairly new to the Winchester area it is good to make new friends. Consequently, on Monday night we enjoyed going the The Old Forge in Otterbourne to go drinking with Stone, Vine and Sun’s Simon Taylor and Gordon Coates. They are the local serious wine merchant and based upon what we enjoyed together I […]

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