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Domaine du Colombier Crozes-Hermitage Cuvee Gaby 2010

Affordable, beguiling Crozes

These days there are basically two categories of Crozes-Hermitage. Firstly, are the pretend Hermitages: think the Graillot clan, Yann Chave La Rouve, Nicolas Jaboulet’s new(-ish) enterprise and a handful of others. These are smaller versions of the big, muscular, strapping wines of the great Hermitage hill (that is surrounded by the Crozes-Hermitage region). Then there […]

Yann Chave Hermitage 2009

Beef and Hermitage

Minor Hermitage producers have a hard time. Without plots of land from climats all over the great hill it is difficult to get the necessary balance of structure and fruit to produce a great wine that will age well. I think Domaine Colombier is a definite exception to this rule; Yann Chave suffers from it […]

Colombier Hermitage 2007

Quickie: Colombier Hermitage 2007

Whilst I was in hospital a couple of weeks ago I was repeatedly and sternly warned that I should watch my boozing now I have type 1 diabetes. Obviously I thought, “Tish, pish and bollocks to that!”. However, further research into the effects alcohol can have on diabetics did perturb me a little, so I […]

Domaine Colombier Hermitage 2008

I can feel hairs growing on bits of me

Hermitage is traditionally the manliest wine in France and, as The Editor and I are at least nominally men (superannuated toddlers, more like!) we thought it would make appropriate drinking for lunch. No food, you see? This is extreme dieting. One sniff of this shows it to be deeply pulsingly manly, so much so I […]

Crozes-Hermitage Le Rouvre 2007 by Yann Chave

Syrah-iously better

The last bottle of Rhone wine I had was totally repulsive. Since this bottle was handily lying next to the bed I thought I would take advantage of the convenience factor and see if that also was a portent of good fortune. It was! This wine is far better than the crap Courbis Cornas and, […]

Cornas La Sabrotte 2005 Domaine Courbis

Some Syrah was walking in the deep, dark wood…

I’ve never really got on with wines from Domaine Courbis, so when I suddenly found myself standing in front of the wine fridge, out of the blue, holding this bottle I not only pondered how I got there, but I was veritably vexed how it had infiltrated my sancto sanctorum. It cannot have been left […]

Cornas Chaillot 1999 Theiry Allemand

Brilliantly mature Cornas

Even though my fevered writing about 2011 Burgundy has driven me slightly bonkers, and caused all sorts of bizarre worries to surface in my mind, I still cannot help writing about my sultry temptress fine wine. This one is a bit different to fresh, young Pinot – a totally mature Cornas. I used to buy […]

Crozes-Hermitage Domaine de Thalabert 1997 Paul Jaboulet-Aine

Last great vintage

Thalabert 1997 was the last great vintage of this historically wonderful Crozes-Hermitage produced. With Gerard Jaboulet gone his nephew Nicolas took over and quality plunged. I’ve heard some intriguing rumours about why the wine was so bad under his stewardship, but it’s perhaps best to think he couldn’t make red wine for Smarties, let alone toffee […]

Cote-Rotie 2006 by Pierre Gaillard

Bottles should not be made to look this ugly

The label on this Gaillard Cote-Rotie is simply disgusting. The fonts are hideous and the less said about the woeful daubing of a picture the better. I hope it is not meant to be a warning about the contents of the bottle as I haven’t had one of his wines in ages and so worry […]


Batard and Hermitage with Peter Sidebotham

After opening some Hermitage that Peter Sidebotham, of Hand-Picked Burgundy, was a bit sniffy about I promised to open some good stuff. Chave, Jaboulet and Sorrel 1995s seemed like good stuff, so we got him around to drink them. Peter was quite impressed by this line-up and so brought along one of the most stunning […]

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