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Zind-Humbrect Grand Cru Goldert Muscat 2013

Good Lord! A lovely Zind-Humbrecht wine

Now, let us make one thing abundantly clear, I have loathed Zind-Humbrecht wines with furious intensity since about 2005. At my own urging I purchased piles of 1989, 1990 then 1995 – largely Riesling but I had a little flirt with Pinot Gris as well. Then, at the urging of *spit* Robert Parker, I threw […]

Toast the teddy with Trimbach Riesling Clos St Hune Vendanges Tardives 1989

Delicate and dense

On Friday we were happy to host at Elitistreview Towers a friend, Mr Greg the plastic surgeon, I’ve know for 26 years – we were at Oundle School together. Apart from my brother, he’s the only chap I was at that school with that I’m still in contact with. His sadly deceased father left Greg a […]


Dissolute drinking at the Kyoto Kitchen

Last night the Elitistreview boys had a field-trip to Winchester’s Kyoto Kitchen to dine and drink with Simon and Gordon, from Stone, Vine and Sun, and Susie and Peter, Saturday Kitchen’s Masters of Wine. I have a lot to write about covering just the wines, so I shall only briefly talk about the food. A […]

Simon Taylor with Balthazar Cornas 2001

Drinking with Stone, Vine and Sun

Being fairly new to the Winchester area it is good to make new friends. Consequently, on Monday night we enjoyed going the The Old Forge in Otterbourne to go drinking with Stone, Vine and Sun’s Simon Taylor and Gordon Coates. They are the local serious wine merchant and based upon what we enjoyed together I […]

Mission 82, Mouton 89 and lovely Keithy P!

Lunch with Keith Prothero

This will be a brief report, but I hope to capture the brilliance of the occasion that was lunch with Keith Prothero. Not only is he a lovely fellow, but all his friends are too, and all share exquisite taste in food and drink. Best lunch I’ve had in ages – well done Nigel P-M […]

Riesling Spatlese Graacher Domprobst 2002, Willi Schaefer

This Zind-Humbrecht tastes of shit

It is a Saturday, there is cricket on, Riesling is called for! Last time they were rather good, this time… deary me… Zind-Humbrecht wines, particularly the flasher Grand Crus, do strike me as being rather unstable beasts and so it is somewhat of a lottery ageing the blighters. These two bottles had been kept in […]

Riesling Cuvee Frederic Emile Vendanges Tardives 1989, F. E. Trimbach

Glorious Alsace Riesling

I have long held Trimbach’s Cuvee Frederic Emile Riesling in high regard. Indeed, the 1979 provided my seminal wine experience at the age of eight. My comment at the time was, “Wow, wine can taste of so many different things!” which I think is a pretty incisive analysis for a neophyte taster. I’ve had that […]

Pinot Gris Vendanges Tardives Grand Cru Sommerberg 2006, Domaine Albert Boxler

I am celebrating with sugary wine!

Last week I got a call from my doctor with the results of a blood test. She told me I had diabetes and so needed to come in and discuss it. I was more than a little perturbed by this; as an ex-epidemiologist I am well aware how serious diabetes can be. Indeed, even today […]

Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Brand 2008, Domaine Albert Boxler

Jean Boxler – is there no limit to this man’s vinous adroitness?

Whenever I have been lucky enough to taste chez Boxler it has always been the Rieslings that I have wanted to secure as my own. Consequently, when looking at the wines we purchased last summer I was rather surprised to see we had procured a six-pack of Grand Cru Brand Gewurztraminer. We buy Gewurztraminer vanishingly […]

Edward Tully, Pol Roger Chardonnay 1995 and Holly the kitten

A few days drinking in Jersey part 1 – the whites

Last weekend we had the good fortune to visit the Tully family in Jersey. Whilst Edward Tully and I ran the Oxford University blind tasting team we tasted quite a lot of wine together; indeed, in one academic year over three thousand different ones. Student life was not always a trial. Our last trip to […]

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