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Davy pouring a little slug

2014 Red Burgundy from Clark Foyster

The Clark Foyster Burgundy 2014 en primeur tasting is the highlight of the tasting season. They have a small but stunningly good selection of producers in their portfolio. Even better, the owners of Clark Foyster Wines, Isabelle Clark and Lance Foyster, do not gouge their customers even though they sell such flash kit; there is usually […]

Riedel Sommelier Hermitage glass

Wine glass recommendations

A friend has just asked me to recommend some wine glasses. I realise I get asked this rather often so I thought I would dash off a quick post to help any people who are looking for glasses to buy. I shall start of with dream glasses and then move on to the stemware I […]

The summer of Riesling

2013 German Riesling from Howard Ripley

2013 German Riesling is as impossible to summarise the intricacies of as is ‘War and Peace’. But to prove I am a clever sod I shall do it for both. 2013 German Rieslings captured the essence of their vineyards of origin like no other vintage I have known. War and Peace is a partly unintelligible, […]

Domaine Henri Jouan Clos-Saint-Denis Grand Cru

2012 red Burgundy at Clark Foyster Wines, the best of the best

2012 red Burgundy is excellent. A lot of wines are probably truly great. However, the appalling weather conditions during the growing season mean that the volumes of these complex, structured, intense wines are sadly miniscule. Of course, this means that prices have gone up. Again. Bugger! Luckily, for us, Clark Foyster Wines, who put on […]

Davy with Thierry Brouin

Haynes Hanson and Clark 2011 red Burgundy tasting

The Haynes Hanson and Clark 2001 red Burgundy tasting was another enjoyable and thought provoking event. I didn’t try as many reds here as I did whites, but those I did try showed high quality and generally extreme drinkability across the range. HHandC have a great portfolio of producers and there is something here for […]

One of the tasting rooms at Howard Ripley's venue

2011 red Burgundy tasting from Howard Ripley

Howard Ripley’s 2011 red Burgundy tasting was an excellent event. A broad range of producers covering a good assortment of appellations were show, allowing one to get a feeling for the vintage across the Cote d’Or. The impression it gave me was that the vintage is very good at best, but sadly quite inconsistent with […]

Davy and Lance Foyster MW

2011 red Burgundy from Clark Foyster Wines

Clark Foyster Wines 2011 red Burgundy tasting was my favourite event of the London 2011 Burgundy en primeur week. They have a focussed range of extremely good producers, some of whom made it to the tasting to discuss their wines, and Riedel Burgundy glasses were provided for tasting. Good glasses make such a difference to […]

Davy with Confuron-Gindre Vosne-Roamnee 1er Cru Les Brulees

2011 red Burgundy

Before I publish my individual tasting notes from the tastings I attended in London’s 2011 Burgundy en primeur week I will give you an overview of the 2011 red Burgundy vintage. In this post I will also suggest a top pick from each of the tastings I attended of something that, at this early stage, […]

Franck Grux the winemaker looking French

2011 white Burgundy

My first report from en primeur week is on 2011 white Burgundy and Chablis. As ever we can cut straight to the chase and I’ll tell you it’s a very good to excellent vintage. Perhaps not of the supreme quality of 2010, but that doesn’t take away from the class, undoubted fun-value and extreme drinkability of 2011 […]


Perle before toddlers

It’s still two days before my third birthday, but I’m in the mood to celebrate all ready. To be honest, it’s been a lousy couple of days, and my mood is barely holding up. What I need to support it is quality fizz and the Wine Society have provided the excellent Lilbert Perle; that should […]

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