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Hoddles Creek Pinot Noir 2015

Yummy Yarra

I wrote this post last week. As I was about to post it the Elitistreview Server went totally tits up. My computer department (The Editor) was too busy earning a living so we could… well… live to fix it until now. Elitistreview is now back on a fresh, clean, brand-spanking, new server so you can […]

Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2012

Yarra Valley Pinot and Bourgogne Rouge

With our simple but delicious lunch of M&S BBQ Hickory Steak Pizza we popped a bottle of Mac Forbes Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2012. Not the grandest wine in the world, but it was quite lovely and served to illustrate an instructive point. I shall start with my chum Mac’s wine. It was Pinot of […]

Coldstream PInot Noir 2012, Mac Forbes

Australia elegant

The truth is, of course, that I hate Australian red wine. I loathe and despise the aesthetic ideal that dictates that red wine should have the consistency of pea soup, be sickly sweet with alcohol (and residual sugar), that it should be so dark it sucks in light from rooms away and with tannins as […]


Dissolute drinking at the Kyoto Kitchen

Last night the Elitistreview boys had a field-trip to Winchester’s Kyoto Kitchen to dine and drink with Simon and Gordon, from Stone, Vine and Sun, and Susie and Peter, Saturday Kitchen’s Masters of Wine. I have a lot to write about covering just the wines, so I shall only briefly talk about the food. A […]

Monsters Monsters Attack Riesling

Monsters Monsters Attack!!!!

As I have a extremely well-developed sense of fun and good-humour, when I see a label like this I am delighted and amused. I know anything a bit silly would be a major turn off for the more miserable type of wine lover, but bugger them! The stuff is all about good times so why […]

Mac Forbes and I flash our favourite ones

A day of superlatives – pizza, purveyor and producer

Tuesdays are rarely thought of as the most lark and jape-filled days, yet this Tuesday I had a royal time quite unlike any other Tuesday in recent memory. Not only was there excellent food and wine but greater enjoyment value was provided by seeing two friends who are firmly established at a far more grown-up […]

This afternoon's 2008 Pinots

Whizz that wine!

The Elitistreview team met up with top London wine-merchants Lance Foyster and Isabelle Clark for lunch today (Franco Manca pizzas are good, but we thought the service in their Chiswick branch was woeful). Lance and Isabelle issued us with the wine they had been showing in the morning for us to sample this afternoon; we […]

The range we tasted

Just how good are 2007 and 2006 Meursaults?

Regular readers may recall that in my I roundly abused their Meursault producer Domaine Latour Giraud. Lance Foyster clearly took this criticism seriously as earlier today I was invited to their offices to re-taste the wines in the context of others from the village. We tasted the wines blind and when it came to discuss […]

Drinking with Chris, D&J 001

An opulent Fleurie, a ravishing Australian Pinot Noir and an undoubtedly spiffy Cotes-du-Rhone

I have been rather taken with those 2009 Beaujolais I’ve tasted so expected good things from this Fleurie, which comes from my favourite climat in the Cru. For those of a classical bent this was definitely in the ‘priestess of Aphrodite at Sestos’-idiom, which is to say it was a hero. Mac Forbes Pinot continues […]

Quality Morey Premier Cru from a quality producer

Alsace, Australia and Burgundy – top quality wines in return for services rendered

I’ve been sorting out the neighbour’s wine fridge and recent purchases, they’ve got some good stuff. I’ve attached a picture of the fridge. You will note the coloured dots; the key is green dots for drinking soon and red dots for keeping with increasing numbers of dots for increasing quality. A simple system I would […]

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