Even more meaty action

This is one of the best US wines I’ve tasted. Quite old world-y, if we are honest. Espirit de Beaucastel 2004, Tablas Creek Vineyard This is meaty and herbal; a baby, although hilariously alcoholic, Beaucastel. You can smell and taste the real quality of the Mourvedre. There is proper complexity here, and some real style. […]

Meaty action

A lovely gift from two lovely friends. Cote-Rotie 2001, Bernard Burgaud This is a bit reductive and meaty, hopefully some air will make it blossom a bit. Yes it has, lovely floral aromas have begun to develop, yummy. This is properly complex, real lovely Cote-Rotie action here. There are Burgaud ‘noble tannins’ on the palate, […]

Hawksmoor: is this London’s best meat restaurant?

Hawksmoor has been selling itself on the quality of the meat it serves, so what could we do but give it a go? On arrival Hawksmoor we noted that it was quite large with tables packed very tightly, which worried us slightly. Despite the restaurant being empty they chose to put us at a table […]

Fine wine shops in London

Here is a handy post (from someone else’s blog), a map of fine wine shops in London. I was pleased I knew them all.

Is it really the next good vintage?

For some reason (not, I hope, being paranoid schizophrenic) I have come to the conclusion that 2002 is going to be the next proper Champagne vintage after 1996. I didn’t like the 1997s, the 1998s didn’t do it for me (even Pol!) and whilst Bolly 1999 was reasonably good it was hardly a thrill. So […]

Fresh out of the loony bin

This is what several weeks of being mad makes you look like

I’m out of the bin, wehay! A tasting note will follow later tonight.

This isn’t how I planned this decade

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the first time I tried to slash my wrists in the bath. An odd thing to remember, you may think. But, I have survived. It has been close, very close, at times, and I am a bit pissed off that I am still in the bin, but here I […]

I told you I was ill

I’ve been locked up in the horrible, horrible Woolwich nut-house; things were just getting too fraught. Obviously, this means no tasting notes until I get out. Many apologies.

Sorry for the lack of entries recently

Thing is, for these past few weeks I’ve been really rather ill. This has led to me thinking I don’t deserve wine. This is quite upsetting, as wine is one of my favourite things. However, I saw the doctor earlier and I am now quite heavily medicated, and this is making life a lot easier […]