I’m going to Edinburgh

At the crack of sparrow-fart tomorrow morning the partner and I will be going to Edinburgh. We’ll check out the wine merchants and, even better, we will go and visit Sarah-Jane Selwood’s studio. She is my favourite cermicist, she has new ideas on a regular basis. You can see some of the pieces of hers […]

Grilled prawns and aioli

One meal we cook quite regularly is a simple affair, but it is one of those really pleasing things with are just a total hoot to eat: grilled prawns with aioli. You will obviously need a good source of raw prawns; we get ours from Borough Market. Don’t get super-massive ones as they don’t taste […]

Clearly the best espresso I’ve ever had

The espresso machine is one of the best and most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever been given. I thought the Ristretto coffee pod was the best espresso I’d ever had, but that just seems a bit dull compared to the super-brilliant Indriya from Nespresso’s ‘pure origin’ range. It is really strong and powerful, which I love, […]

I love acidity really

And this wine isn’t short on it. Riesling Auslese Eitelsbacher Karthauserhofberg 2007, Karthauserhof A lovely, lovely nose of ultra-ripe limes, with a hint of charming peachiness. There is a great, smoky stoniness to it as well, which really tickles my fancy. This smells quite delicious, you’ve got to love such an expressive, pleasing nose. It […]

Little pleasures

I am as English as the day is long and therefore I like little pleasures. When someone offers an English person a cup of tea they will respond with the enthusiasm of someone who has just been given a thousand pounds. I think this is a fine and noble trait; it is good to be […]

Hawksmoor IS London’s best meat restaurant

Last night I went to Hawksmoor for the third time this year (you can read my original review ). The basic message I feel I should express first is that it is a totally brilliant restaurant. I felt incredibly fortunate when I received an email inviting me back there. All of my previous meals there […]

The pure origin espressos from Nespresso

In with our order was a little packet of the three current special Nespresso blends. We’ve just had a comparative tasting (along with Ristretto). Dulsao from Brazil (strength 5) was quite flavoursome but ultimately a bit weak. It’d be good for making cappuccino, I feel. Rosabaya from Colombia (strength 6) was bitter and unsatisfying, the […]

Roma just isn’t strong enough

I’m in the mood for coffee. Luckily I have a brilliant espresso machine that uses Nespresso pods. Now you may be thinking Nescafe coffee is shit, and so did I, but these pods in my machine make the best titting coffee this side of the Alps. When we got it we decided to taste through […]

The best village level Burgundy

I really loved the Dujac Morey 05 I had last night, it was quite delicious and this got me thinking about ‘premium’ village level Burgundy. There are a few producers who give their basic offerings real stuffing and they are proper wines by any definition of the word. I’ve plucked a few of my favourite […]

Now this is highly attractive

This is a great pleasure to drink. Morey-Saint-Denis 2005, Domaine Dujac This smells just lovely. Ripe fruit and a scented, floral character; a lovely rose garden! Clean as a whistle. It may only be a village wine but it is quite charming. The palate has smooth, clean, ripe fruit which is deeply lovely. Wines like […]