An interesting little tasting

I ran a little tasting last night. Apart from the Salon, only one wine was generally sniffed at. Blanc des Blancs Le Mesnil 1996, Salon Corked! Bums. I haven’t had so much luck with Salon recently. Manzanilla Pasada Pastrana, Hidalgo This had a delicious aroma of nuts. It was very characterful, with a decent degree […]

There is interest in

2003 in Europe was a bonkers vintage, so hot. All the wines I had in the flat that summer got ruined. Many wines are just hideously over ripe, often too alcoholic, and occasionally sweet. But sometimes, one of them has style. Cornas Domaine de Rochepertuis 2003, Jean Lionnet This is really crazy man, really ripe […]


It comes highly recommended

I purchased this bottle for the partner, because I lost a bet. I bet the partner a bottle of wine that when I was locked up the NHS would cock-up getting me to psychotherapy. A good bet, I thought, but I lost. This, we are told, is pure Pinot Noir from a 1.49ha vineyard which […]

News about Cafe East

Kake Pugh has given me a ‘heads up’ that London’s best noodle bar, , is on the move. You can find details here.

Really, it is time to drink

There have been many heated satellite connections between here and Burgundy on the subject of Salon’s cellaring potential. I think the Jury is out until a tasting at the producer can be organised, but this is really up for drinking. It is quite, quite lovely. Blanc des Blancs Le Mesnil 1996, Salon A lovely nose […]

I’ve been really bad

Its true. I’ve purchased a couple of Jean Grivot wines. Now I know that is awful and I deserve mocking, but let me explain. I’ve got a bottle of Chambolle-Musigny Combe D’Orveau 2003 which I am going to open at an up-coming dinner party and I think that is a vintage that would suit his […]

I’m disgusted

This government has been unprecedented in its desire to erode civil liberties and criminalise perfectly ordinary people who just want to get on with their lives, and maybe have a bit of fun now and again. Their war against people who have a perfectly healthy attitude to alcohol takes another step forward, apparently; this article […]

Bubble bath: a three-day immersion in Champagne

Guest blogger, and winemaker par excellence, Jeremy Seysses reports on his recent trip to Champagne. A few weeks ago, Diana and I joined Etienne de Montille and Christy Canterbury for a few days of tasting Pinot and Chardonnay, but with bubbles in it. We pooled resources together, compromised on the long list of places we […]

A cheeky little number which has proper class

This was a gift from a very generous friend (if you are in town, lunch again? I’m feeling a lot better), I was extremely pleased to notice its alcohol level was a de Montille-esque 12.5%. node, an older boy, told me to drink it sir. It is serious Pinot. Pinot Noir Waitaki Valley, North Otago […]

I’m out!

Well, for two days leave, at least. If all is well I’ll report back to the bin on Wednesday morning and get discharged. I’m feeling pretty good. Over these past few days I have been able to read books, something I haven’t been able to do since November, my mind has been in such a […]