I’m disgusted

This government has been unprecedented in its desire to erode civil liberties and criminalise perfectly ordinary people who just want to get on with their lives, and maybe have a bit of fun now and again. Their war against people who have a perfectly healthy attitude to alcohol takes another step forward, apparently; this article […]

Bubble bath: a three-day immersion in Champagne

Guest blogger, and winemaker par excellence, Jeremy Seysses reports on his recent trip to Champagne. A few weeks ago, Diana and I joined Etienne de Montille and Christy Canterbury for a few days of tasting Pinot and Chardonnay, but with bubbles in it. We pooled resources together, compromised on the long list of places we […]

A cheeky little number which has proper class

This was a gift from a very generous friend (if you are in town, lunch again? I’m feeling a lot better), I was extremely pleased to notice its alcohol level was a de Montille-esque 12.5%. node, an older boy, told me to drink it sir. It is serious Pinot. Pinot Noir Waitaki Valley, North Otago […]

I’m out!

Well, for two days leave, at least. If all is well I’ll report back to the bin on Wednesday morning and get discharged. I’m feeling pretty good. Over these past few days I have been able to read books, something I haven’t been able to do since November, my mind has been in such a […]

I often go on about food porn

Hooray! I’m out of the bin for another 70 minutes, and I just want to share some food porn with you. Go here.

Quality heroism

I’ve been let out of the bin for three hours escorted leave; the partner is making sure I am not doing anything bad. Not that I would, as I am sure you’ll be pleased to hear I am feeling a lot better. Well, unless you hate me in which case you’ll curse the name of […]

Margaritas tonight, then tomorrow…

Tonight I am drinking a couple of margaritas, the perfect recipe is . This means no posts tonight. And none for a while, I’m afraid. Tomorrow I will see the doctor and ask to get locked up in the ‘nicer’ bin. Sadly, I am now feeling really suicidal and that means bin time. See you […]

Bonus points to the loony for being articulate

I managed to talk my way out of a trip to the bin, which is good, and I have medication to cheer me up. And if it doesn’t cheer me up? Well, then, I suppose, it’ll be bin time. This means wine notes will continue to appear for the time being at least. Ah, wine, […]

Bin time?

I’m seeing the doctor this afternoon. If he knows what I’ve done to myself he’ll lock me up, but there is a chance I can stay out. If I get locked up I am no-longer allowed my computer in the bin so there will be no posts for a while. Strangely, they don’t allow booze […]

Even more meaty action

This is one of the best US wines I’ve tasted. Quite old world-y, if we are honest. Espirit de Beaucastel 2004, Tablas Creek Vineyard This is meaty and herbal; a baby, although hilariously alcoholic, Beaucastel. You can smell and taste the real quality of the Mourvedre. There is proper complexity here, and some real style. […]