People in Borough Market are a pain in the arse

I just had a piece of wonderful Lincolnshire Poacher from Neal’s Yard Cheese Shop in Borough Market, this reminded me of the ‘Borough Market shopping experience’. It is a great place to get very high quality ingredients and generally marvelous food, but most of the drips who go there generally piss me off. We shall […]


A hearty dinner

Tonight we held a modest little dinner party for my mother and stepfather. For a change, it wasn’t terribly wine-tastic, as the food was of the unsophisticated kind. It was terribly good, though. We cooked : And wonderful Sicilian sausages from Sillfield farm: You can tell those are good sausages because they go pink when […]

I’ll throw this one open to the audience

Sometimes I worry my tastes in wine are becoming so rarified and abstracted that no one else would like the stuff I like. It doesn’t often seem to happen, but I still worry. In view of this, I want to ask you, my knowledgeable audience, what wine I should buy to charm a wine neophyte. […]

A bargain but not that serious

This was recommended to me as a serious wine at a bargain price. It is a nice drink certainly, but is not going to set the world on fire with its complexity. Riesling Spatlese Enkircher Ellergrub 2007, Weiser-Kunstler A nice, fruity nose, with that pleasing baby fat character of Riesling. This is in the full […]

Some wines just click

Sometimes when you try a wine it really hits your sweet spot. Sometimes these wines are really great bargains, and you feel really good about drinking them. I remember buying Clusel-Roch when I was at Oxford and I was deeply moved by their total elegance and refinement. Cote-Rotie 2005, Clusel-Roch This has astonishingly lovely blackberry […]

Another stab at 2002 fizz

Another bottle of 2002 fizz, better (and less painful) than the , I am pleased to report. Years ago we went to a very unsatisfying tasting at Roederer and this is the first bottle of their wine I have purchased since then. I got this to celebrate eight years of the partner living in the […]

We’ve moved

Although you’d never have guessed, eh? We have switching hosting companies to a faster, cheaper provider. The transition should have been seamless.

A much better bottle

This was the second bottle we took to wonderful yesterday. They charge a fiver corkage on Mondays, which is pretty good. When I opened my bottle of this four years ago it seemed to be lacking some of the pleasure that this displays. Cornas “Vieilles Fontaines” 1995, Alain Voge Good earthy complexity on the nose, […]

One thing this isn’t, and that is Chambolle

You may recall that I admitted to being foolish and . Exactly how awful was one of them? Read on and find out. Chambolle-Musigny Combe d’Orveau 2003, Jean Grivot Does this even smell of Pinot? The nose is all over the place with poorly defined, excessive fruit, a big smack of alcohol and not much […]

An interesting little tasting

I ran a little tasting last night. Apart from the Salon, only one wine was generally sniffed at. Blanc des Blancs Le Mesnil 1996, Salon Corked! Bums. I haven’t had so much luck with Salon recently. Manzanilla Pasada Pastrana, Hidalgo This had a delicious aroma of nuts. It was very characterful, with a decent degree […]