A happy, if slightly weird, anniversary to remember

My long-time reader may recall that I have paranoid-schizophrenia; this is why I have a generally low-intensity life writing opinionated drivel about booze and food. I developed it during the late 90s whilst I was studying at Oxford for my doctorate. The screaming intensity of the paranoid delusions and hallucinations became so powerful and intolerable […]


How to stop the neo-prohibitionists from winning

I mentioned the article on Velvet Glove, Iron Fist about the real history of binge-drinking in a tweet earlier. It is well worth reading, lots of interesting data there, and good criticism of the BBC News website’s latest bit of anti-drink propaganda. It makes the point very clearly that the moral panic over binge drinking […]


A surprisingly small-scale Australian Pinot Noir

Difficult as it might be to believe this, we don’t always drink flash Burgundy at casa Strange. The partner has just received a case of affordable wines for general drinking from the Wine Society. If this first wine from his selection is anything to go by we will clearly have some fun, and reasonably interesting, […]


Finger lime marmalade

I’ve . This example comes from Rainforest Foods and it is made solely from finger limes which grow in the rainforests of Australia. Here’s the jar of it: So, how does it taste? The texture of it seems a bit strange, slightly granular. More noticeable than that are the screaming levels of acidity and bitterness. […]

Morey Saint Denis Fils et Pere, Domaine Dujac

Affordable Burgundy

I’ve been reading a new wine forum, Wine Berserkers, it is quite a fun place. People there seem generally enthusiastic and knowledgeable about wine, and they are a friendly lot too. One of threads I followed was a request for recommendations for sub-$50 Burgundy that is very Burgundian. The fellow posting had little experience of […]


An even more booze-tastic reward for skipping lunch

This seems to be working quite well for me. What is even better (although not perhaps on the ‘minimising calorie intake’-front) is that I am so pleased with myself for fighting off the crazy hunger all day that I feel quite justified in rewarding myself with a nice little drinkie. Today I am drinking Westons […]

Three 2001 Alsace Rieslings

Four truly stunning bottles of Alsace Riesling and a blind-tasting challenge

The first three bottles of Alsace Grand Cru Riesling were showing terribly well. Then we had a blind tasting challenge courteousy of the that excellent chap Captain ‘The Kid’ Peter, before we finished up the evening with a quite obscenely brilliant bottle of (again) Alsace Riesling. I present the blind-tasting challenge in the form of […]


Food news of the day – Kraft buys up Cadbury

If you live in the UK you will have encountered the news that Cadbury, the iconic British chocolate manufacturer, has been snapped up by the American ciggie company Philip Morris in the guise of their subsidiary company Kraft. The outgoing chairman of Cadbury has even pronounced that job losses in the UK are an ‘inevitability’ […]


Pale Ale – my reward for resisting lunch

I’ve . As usual, today I have been crazily hungry and desperate to have a substantial lunch. Yet lunchtime has passed and I haven’t touched any food. This deserves a reward. A small bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale seems like an excellent reward. It is bottle-conditioned, which gives it more life and complexity. It […]


A new, irrelevant code of conduct for pubs

The BBC, favourite news outlet of the neo-prohibitionists thanks to its relentlessly uncritical reporting, has an article on the new code of conduct that will be introduced for pubs later this year. It contains the usual dodgy statistics and quotes from self-serving moral guardians (including pronouncements from the odious arse Don Shenker), but let us […]