Sometimes I really feel like this

Is this really the government’s domain to meddle in?

I’m just reading an article on the Daily Telegraph about the new food strategy that is being cooked up by the loony, control-freak government in Blighty. It is pissing me off no end. Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary who is cooking this up is clearly a nutter in the very worst sense of the word […]


Do people not realise that I like good wine?

My father sent me these two bottles that he had picked up in the gift shop at his local stately home. Obviously, when I opened the parcel I thought he had sent them as a joke; anyone with even a cursory knowledge of my interests could not reasonably expect me to get anything from wine […]

A good excuse to drink fizz

Today marks the eighth anniversary of the partner and I moving in together; eight wild but happy years. Seems a good excuse for fine Champagne. Grand Annee Brut 1996, Bollinger There is a lot of cold cocoa on the nose, hints of meat and digestive biscuits as well. It is a big, powerful nose with […]


No matter how right you are that is no excuse to be irritating

Book review: Liquid Memory – why wine matters by Jonathan Nossiter We were given this book as a christmas present. Written by the director of the film Mondovino, it promised to have an opinionated look at the world of wine. Whilst we largely agreed with what he had to say, it is an extremely irritating […]

Four years on

We tasted this . I said I’d like to come back to it in 5-10 years but the partner has popped his bottle after merely four; it has developed. In the right hands (and ‘Le Homme’ Vacheron has the right hands, he’s worked at DRC) and the right places Pinot Noir is what does it […]

Those Australians make everything these days

Rather than making a thick, sweet liqueur Muscat with this Barossa fruit, Two Hands have made a light, sweet, fizzy wine. Given the miniscule amounts of pleasure I have got out of liqueur Muscats this seems like a good thing to do with your fruit. I think good Italian Moscatos of this style can be […]

The year at Elitist Review

Normally at this time of year I’d be bragging about how vaguely popular Elitist Review is and indulge in some stat-porn. However, I changed hosting providers in March and the new hosting company lacks the brilliant AWStats that kept telling me how many kind readers dropped by. With the less good webstats software I now […]


Top pizza in Brixton

Sometimes you really want a pizza. It would be easy to just swing by a branch of , London’s best pizza chain, but we decided to try somewhere new. We were happy we did as Franco Manca provided top Neapolitan pizza for almost no money. If you head into the slightly scary Brixton market you’ll […]

Two brilliant bottles of Volnay

We braved to cold today to go and visit our friends James and Katie. They have a three-week old baby (who is quite cute) so we thought they would need a drink. We took a Volnay and James had another good one to pop as well. It was lovely to see them, they seemed to […]