Tim Adams Aberfeldy Shiraz

How I got started

I’ve occasionally been asked how I got into wine. This is a bit of a difficult question to answer as I started so young I am not really sure what was the initial spark. My parents were not at all interested in wine, there was not much wine consumed in the home environment. I didn’t […]


Brilliant, and extremely popular, Lebanese food

We have tried to get into Yalla Yalla a couple of times, but it has always been heaving. When we rolled up for a pre-theatre dinner at five in the afternoon we were delighted to get a table, and even more delighted by the food (shame the performance we went on to see was such […]

Countering the neo-prohibitionist agenda

My Tweets have mentioned Pete Brown’s excellent series of articles which demolish a lot of lies told by those who wish to brow-beat us into not drinking. I thought they were so good and worth reading that I’d write a quick blog post to praise them more fully and hopefully bring them to the attention […]

Drinks we need

I had a rather late night last night, indeed it dragged into what could be called a somewhat dissolute mid-morning. Consequently, when I hauled myself out of bed bright and early this afternoon I thought I’d make myself one of the brilliant Singatoba Nespresso coffees. It was indeed brilliant, and I felt moderately perked up. […]

Three village Burgundies

The initial idea of tonight’s little tasting was to expand our knowledge of Gevrey-Chambertin villages-level wines. One of the two was so utterly horrible I felt it insulted our guest, so a better wine was popped. Gevrey-Chambertin 2001, Domaine Maume Very pale in colour. A reasonably attractive nose of strawberry fruit, but not that much […]

Some 2008 red Burgundy recommendations

I was at the Howard Ripley 2008 Burgundy tasting last night. It was most interesting, many thanks to Sebastian Thomas for squeezing me in at the last minute. Generally, the vintage seems quite successful. The best wines have a pronounced sense of place, with nice fruit, pleasing acidity and good structure. These are perhaps not […]

I’m a Twit

Today two unconnected people suggested that I should be using Twitter, and it has been mentioned by many people in the past. So I have followed their advice and signed up; I must now only be a couple of years behind the curve. My Twitter address is http://twitter.com/elitistreview . You can see my latest tweets […]

Now this is good fizz

Daniel’s mother is visiting and we have opened a really good bottle of fizz. To be honest, I’m quite surprised how totally fantastic it is. Vintage Champagne 1996, Alfred Gratien This has a powerful cocoa nose, but there is a lot of sophisticated fruit there as well. This certainly smells big, but there is some […]


Sometimes I really feel like this

Is this really the government’s domain to meddle in?

I’m just reading an article on the Daily Telegraph about the new food strategy that is being cooked up by the loony, control-freak government in Blighty. It is pissing me off no end. Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary who is cooking this up is clearly a nutter in the very worst sense of the word […]