The best village-level Cote de Nuits wines

My last poll about Burgundy was a pretty poor effort. It has been pointed out to me, and I agree, that we need more in-depth analysis to determine exactly what constitutes the best Burgundy. Burgundy is such a rich, multi-faceted font of loveliness that it is just so hard to say this one village, vineyard, […]

Which Cote de Nuits village makes your favourite red wines?

My poll question is as simple as that, pick your favourite Cote de Nuits wine village. Simple question, bloody hard to answer. I have had lovely, sexy, thrilling wines from every village, how can I just choose one? Free Online Surveys If anyone has any strong feelings about why we should be voting in a […]

Its personality is branded across itself

We are told the Grand Cru Brand is best for Pinot grape varieties? Does pretty well with Riesling too. This is a vivid, lively example of utter pleasure. Riesling Grand Cru Brand 2002, Domaine Albert Boxler The nose, ah the nose. It has so much earthy minerality and yet bursts with clean, ripe citrus fruit. […]

Good job I tried this

I popped this bottle before my dinner guest arrives to check if it needed decanting: I feel it does. Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru Chaignots 2005, Alain Michelot There is a lot of ripe fruit on the nose, cherries and blackberries I’d say. There is also a mild hint of something a bit reduced and stinky about […]


I had planned to open three bottles of Cornas when Peter and John visited last night, turns out Peter brought along two bottles of Cornas as well. They were all quite cleaned up examples of the style. Cornas ‘Domaine de Rochepertuis’ 2004, Jean Lionnet There is plenty of fruit to this nose, it seems just […]

Brilliant Champagne in Blighty

Sorry to my international reader, but these Champagnes seemed such bargains I had to alert my UK reader. Cedric Bouchard has made some of the best Champagnes I’ve had. , I was stunned by its complexity and purity of expression. It cheered me up no end when I was ludicrously insane. I had for the […]

Would you believe it? I’m in The Union with The Kid again

This time I am starting off with something a bit powerful to refresh me. It’ll be the booze doing the refreshing with this beer as we are told it has low hoppy bitterness. Meantime Smoked Bock, 6.5% Dark amber colour which is appraching nutty brown. Yum, a rich malty nose which has powerful bready characters. […]

An abortive meal in Bray

Our final appointment in our tour of South-East England dining establishments was The Hind’s Head Hotel. We’ve been there before, you can read the . This visit wasn’t such a success, but it couldn’t be helped. We rolled up in Bray in plenty of time to have a pint and some bar snacks before lunch. […]

Crazy guy, brilliant wines

On our jaunt into the provinces we stayed at Cheltenham’s Hotel du Vin. They had this wine (and ) on their wine list for a very reasonable price. It was amazingly brilliant. Champagne les Ursules Blanc de Noirs ‘Roses de Jeanne’, Cedric Bouchard The nose has an incredibly livid expression of fruit, lovely pear fruit […]


French Provinces 1 – English provinces 0

After returning from our largely disappointing jaunt to the provinces I wanted to cook something new, simple, yet tasty for dinner. A recipe in Richard Corrigan’s excellent The Clatter of Forks and Spoons (itself based on a recipe in Elizabeth David’s French Provincial Cooking) seemed to fit the bill. Rump Steak with Sauce Nivernaise Ingredients […]