Some cider bargains

I’m currently drinking a glass of , it is really rather good. What is even better about it is that it is currently on sale at Sainsburys; three bottles for a fiver. A keen price for a tasty cider. There are better bargains out there at the moment. Ocado, the online supermarket, are selling Westons’ […]

Fruity, a bit meaty, but good enough

This was a gift, I was told it had good fruit. I think this is what you want from 2000 red Burgundy. Pommard Premier Cru Grands Epenots 2000, Pierre Morey Quite a pale brick colour. The fruit on the nose shows some mature softness. It is quite ripe, in the style of Pinot which seems […]

Finally a good one!

After the awfulness of the wines we’ve popped so far tonight this is quite the treat. It really developed over time; decanting white Burgundy, especially young wines, is often a great idea. Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru Referts 2004, Louis Carillon The nose of this has developed from being a bit closed and oaky to displaying quite […]

The curse of New Year’s Eve

Last New Year we opened three bottles of Champagne, and they were all buggered. It seems a similar thing is happening a year later. OK, the Dancer wine was merely boring rather than faulty, but we didn’t want to drink boring wine so we popped a bottle of Paul Pernot Puligny Folatieres 2000. It was […]

Is this too old?

When discussing the day’s wines via text messages I have been reminded that Vincent Dancer makes wines for enjoying sooner rather than later. I wonder if that is the problem with this. Meursault Premier Cru Perrieres 2002, Vincent Dancer The nose is very buttery and fat, with an oaky character which I find rather unsophisticated. […]

Most consistently good Premier Crus in the Cote de Nuits

In our quest to elucidate more about the Cote de Nuits villages we can move up a level to the Premier Crus. This time the poll question is: Which Cote de Nuits village has the most consistently high-quality Premier Crus? Not just one or two good ones, but tits quality across the range. If you […]

Yesterday’s wines

Yesterday I popped some rather good wines for a lunch party. Bille Cuvee N-F 1996, Donnhof Schlossbockelheimer Kupfergrube Spatlese 2002, Meusault Charmes 2000 from Lafon, Rene Engel Echezeaux 1999, Burguet Gevrey Mes Favourites 2003. And The Kid brought a bottle of Beaucastel 1998. Guess how much of these I swallowed? None. Bugger. I’ve caught a […]

Best village Burgundy

It has been ten days since I posted . You can see the results here. It seems that Chambolle has won with exactly half the votes. I’m not entirely surprised. The best Chambolle-villages from Roumier and Mugnier are truly fine wines which smash beyond the humble village quality level. Both are amazing expressions of place […]

Four and a half years on

This was one of the first wines . Back then I said it needed food with unbound proteins and it seemed to work a treat with braised oxtail tonight. Dominus 2000 There is an explosion of ripe, sweet blackcurrant fruit on the nose. Dare I say it, is this a bit earthy? It certainly has […]

A wonderful Chris Keenan pot

My christmas present

In addition to some Cedric Bouchard fizz I was given this lovely Chris Keenan pot. It is one of the best things I’ve seen by him in a while. The inside burns with a vivid, evil radiance.