Best village Burgundy

It has been ten days since I posted . You can see the results here. It seems that Chambolle has won with exactly half the votes. I’m not entirely surprised. The best Chambolle-villages from Roumier and Mugnier are truly fine wines which smash beyond the humble village quality level. Both are amazing expressions of place […]

Four and a half years on

This was one of the first wines . Back then I said it needed food with unbound proteins and it seemed to work a treat with braised oxtail tonight. Dominus 2000 There is an explosion of ripe, sweet blackcurrant fruit on the nose. Dare I say it, is this a bit earthy? It certainly has […]

A wonderful Chris Keenan pot

My christmas present

In addition to some Cedric Bouchard fizz I was given this lovely Chris Keenan pot. It is one of the best things I’ve seen by him in a while. The inside burns with a vivid, evil radiance.

This is not what I had expected, or indeed hoped for

It has been a mixed day for wine. Oxidised Sorg and Weinbach (bloody Inedit 2000 of all things, I was vexed) started things off. This was followed by winemaker of the moment (Cedric Bouchard’s) Inflorescence fizz. It was brilliant, especially considering it is a hilarious bargain, but painfully acidic. Then the amazing Roulot, and his […]

This makes for a merry christmas

This may only be a village wine but it is out where the big dogs eat. I love the finesse of Roulot’s wines. Meursault les Tessons Clos de Mon Plaisir 2002, Domaine Roulot This has hints of buttery fat on the nose, but is supremely sculpted and totally beautiful. The creamy minerality is highly attractive. […]

Let the celebrations commence!

OK, not quite christmas day yet but with a bottle of Burgundy to hand every day feels a bit like a holiday. This was an absolute bargain. Auxey-Duresses Premier Cru 2005, Comte Armand This has a tightly-wound nose of brooding intensity. There is really quite a lot to it, but it is clearly going through […]

Wine with turkey

I got an email asking what wine to have with turkey. Bloody hell. I would have the wine that is being served by friends who are cooking goose, duck, a damned good chicken, lamb or grilling a bleeding marvellous (literally) piece of beef. I wouldn’t drink wine with turkey because I hate and despise turkey. […]


I used to buy so much of this

When I was at Oxford I could not resist buying Ramonet wines, I bloody loved them. I was always a bit surprised that none of my chums really found the wines to be as exciting as I did. I think this is quite exciting. Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru les Ruchottes 2001, Domaine Ramonet It doesn’t smell […]

The best village-level Cote de Nuits wines

My last poll about Burgundy was a pretty poor effort. It has been pointed out to me, and I agree, that we need more in-depth analysis to determine exactly what constitutes the best Burgundy. Burgundy is such a rich, multi-faceted font of loveliness that it is just so hard to say this one village, vineyard, […]

Which Cote de Nuits village makes your favourite red wines?

My poll question is as simple as that, pick your favourite Cote de Nuits wine village. Simple question, bloody hard to answer. I have had lovely, sexy, thrilling wines from every village, how can I just choose one? Free Online Surveys If anyone has any strong feelings about why we should be voting in a […]