Quickie: Sexist soda

We were in our local wine shop and noticed they has some sexist soda from Italy on sale. Naturally we couldn’t help but buy some as they might have been nice drinking with our N’duja and pasta later that evening. As you can see, the N’duja with pasta looks brilliant, but the Chinotto was not […]

Big Cup Little Cup sachet of coffee pod

Big Cup Little Cup

Let us face it, caffeine is essential. In all honesty, probably more essential than the life-giving booze. Unless you were a Fleet Street journalist in the Seventies or an Oxford University student on the tasting team in the Nineties more work has been finished at the last minute in a panicked hurry thanks to caffeine […]

Domaine Arlaud Morey-St-Denis 1er Cru Millandes 2006

Earthy and meaty

Domaine Arlaud wines were a stunning success at my third birthday party. Now I cannot deny I may have formed this opinion because I drank an awful lot of the two Grand Cru magnums going around, but I’m told by people who had the best Premier Cru (Ruchots) from a top village (Morey-Saint-Denis) that it […]

Big Bottle Bash menu

Davy’s Big Bottle Birthday Booze Bonanza

lomstercode: Here are a few pictures from Davy’s 40th birthday party at The Cow in West London. It was the best birthday party ever! The food and service was outstanding, the wines were truly awesome, and so was the company. Thank you all for making it such a special, fun and memorable evening! Thank you to […]

Quickie: lomstercode: To celebrate Davy’s birthday, I am roasting this…

lomstercode: To celebrate Davy’s birthday, I am roasting this large rolled shoulder of pork (Oxford Sandy and Black, from Beechcroft Direct, of course). Let me complete this post. Rachel Waldron of Beechcroft Direct prepared this magnificent rolled shoulder of Oxford Sandy and Black pork for my little 40th birthday celebration of a small dinner party on […]

Quickie: Schizophrenia Awareness Week

I’m a bit late on this (as I have been ill…) but this week until tomorrow is Schizophrenia Awareness Week. Rethink, the charity I’ve given talks in such places as the Houses of Parliament for, have produced this document to help raise awareness of the disorder. If you cannot be bothered to read the whole […]

My latest quickie: Quite what Restoration Pale Ale is I’m not sure…

Quite what Restoration Pale Ale is I’m not sure. I know what restoration comedies are but cannot make a link. What drew me to it was that (once again) it was brewed by an American, that it was Pale Ale (something I’ve written about quite a lot on Elitistreview) and it was of properly refreshing strength […]

My latest quickie: Ballast Point Even Keel once again demonstrates that US beers,…

Ballast Point Even Keel once again demonstrates that US beers, even if they are brewed in the UK, make for superior drinking. In order to have got beer this good out of the the Marston’s brewery the Ballast Point Brewing Company much have shot all the workers and put the brewery through an autoclave. It […]

My latest quickie: Riesling Auslese Eitelsbacher Karthauserhofberg 2009 really…

Riesling Auslese Eitelsbacher Karthauserhofberg 2009 really rammed home a point for me: the sumptuous, glorious richness of German 2009s. This wine was extremely generously proportioned, with powerful fruit of a melon/lime mix and an incredible density one rarely finds in ‘lighter’ German Rieslings. There wasn’t just scale, though, there was also one mother-grabbing load of […]

Lignier-Michelot Chambolle-Musigny 2009

2009 Burgundy is SO lovely

This bottle was sent to me by my lovely friend Sean who felt I needed cheering up when I was psychotic, depressed and suicidal a month or so back. What he didn’t know was the one of the drugs I was prescribed back then makes people psychotic and suicidal when they drink even if they […]