Dharkan Nespresso coffee in a Rupert Spira espresso cup

Nespresso Dharkan and Kazaar

A couple of days ago one of my oldest supposed friends abused me horribly by text, belittling and being wholly unrealistic about the seriousness of my current illness. The Bastard. It made me want to drink bleach. Instead I decided to try the new strength eleven and twelve Nespresso coffee capsules: Dharkan and Kazaar. The delay in this review appearing […]

G D Vajra Moscato 2012

G. D. Vajra Moscato 2012

At Elitistreview we move with the times and are always happy to embrace new technology – you may recall us publishing our organ on Google Currents. Well today we go one step further with a video tasting note harnessing the the power of Instagram. I admit that the focussing ability of my tablet is not […]

Davy relishing a prawn

Elitistreview’s eighth anniversary dinner at The Bangkok Brasserie

Elitistreview is eight years today and, my, how it has blossomed into an artfully sculpted youth. I admit that before I had a course of Cognitive Behavioural therapy for psychosis in 2009 the posts were all too often often awkward and desperately unhappy, but since then the jokes have got a lot better. I have […]

Gevrey-Chambertin 'Aux Echezeaux' 2011, Henri Jouan

Please, be gentle with me…

My exhortation in the title is both a reference to how I remember this wine caressing me on my last taste of it and also a plea regarding the hyper-critical faculties I know Elitistreview readers render patent when assaying this organ. I arrogate your good favour when you read this post purely because I am […]

Brachetto del Roero 'Birbet'

A super summer sparkler

Do not like Riesling? You are mad. Do not like Moscato? Christ… Well, do not worry, when they let you out of the secure ward (I can suggest some minimally nasty loony bins to book into) I have a great recommendation for a summery wine for you. It is light, refreshing, affordable and, if I am […]

Hell isn't other people, it's my mind

No holidays. None. Ever.

I originally wrote this piece for a minor publication and, having just re-read it and then tried to stiffen my upper lip, I thought it worthy of a wider and more enlightened audience. Luckily, with Elitistreview I have an organ of enormous proportions and great appreciation at my very fingertips. It is not about food […]

Austrian wine drinkers prepare to start combat!

An awfully agreeable Austrian

Austrian wines… Phew! One thing is sure and that is that the pork in cream sauce-noshers like them as heroically proportioned as their lunch servings. Certainly with whites, delicate, subtle grape varieties like Riesling are all too often tied up in piano wire until they obey orders and get up to unfortunate levels of ripeness […]

Team Elitistreview enjoy a taste of Willi

2012 German Riesling from Howard Ripley

The 2012 German Riesling tasting by Howard Ripley shows that I could well be out of a job. Virtually all the wines I tasted were of an extremely enjoyable standard and it is clearly another great vintage in Germany. Indeed, with the improvements in viticulture in Germany, notably more and more estates controlling their yields, […]

Susan Wilk's Tempest Bowl

Susan Wilk’s Tempest Bowl

It usually pays to be happy and enthusiastic. When my chum Susan Wilk let slip she was a part time ceramicist I gleefully leapt at her twitter account to grill her for information about what she makes and, if she could manage it, some pictures – I have a definite thing for ceramics. The charming […]

JJ Prum 2009 Spatlese and Kisu the cat

Plump pleasure, fat fun

It is a good job I have got over the dream of being a winemaker. Partly because it will never happen, but mostly because it is a total bastard of a job. The vineyard this Prum Riesling is grown in is steeper than the walk back home up the hill after shopping, and doing that […]