JJ Prum 2009 Spatlese and Kisu the cat

Plump pleasure, fat fun

It is a good job I have got over the dream of being a winemaker. Partly because it will never happen, but mostly because it is a total bastard of a job. The vineyard this Prum Riesling is grown in is steeper than the walk back home up the hill after shopping, and doing that […]

Davy admiring the meaty delights

A guide to the best of the Hampshire Farmers Market

I love the Hampshire Farmers Market! The Editor and I enjoyed another cracking morning at the Winchester occurrence of Hampshire Farmers Markets today. We thought it would be a great service to you, our dear readers, to share our selection of the best stalls there in the order we enthusiastically march around the market. Of course, […]

The best affordable olive oil

The olive oil to buy

I would like to tell you about some olive oil that is so good it is the staple at Elitistreview Towers; we always feel delighted when we have the chance to use it. ‘So good’ is the prime quality that interests the team here, but speaking for myself, I also have an eye for a […]

Jerusalem cookbook

Jerusalem: a cookbook

The other day I had one of the most stunningly awesome meals of my life and it wonderfully affirmed the deep pleasure of being alive. That counts as ‘happy’! The Editor had cooked kofte and a tomato, herb and feta salad from the excellent cookbook Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi ( homepage here ) and Sami […]



The other day I had one of the greatest meals of my life. A dinner marked by profundity of flavour in food and wine. If I may, I will enlighten you about the three core ingredients that made it such a downright enjoyable experience. Of their type, there’s little better easily available. I start with […]

de Montille Volnay Champans 2002

Extreme elegance

Continuing my report on when Mr Greg came for lunch I’ll tell you about a couple of stunners. Our main course was a leg of Oxford Sandy and Black pork from Beechcroft Direct whose pigs have provided many of my most profound pork pleasures. Perhaps, my faithful readers, you will be unsurprised to learn I […]

Toast the teddy with Trimbach Riesling Clos St Hune Vendanges Tardives 1989

Delicate and dense

On Friday we were happy to host at Elitistreview Towers a friend, Mr Greg the plastic surgeon, I’ve know for 26 years – we were at Oundle School together. Apart from my brother, he’s the only chap I was at that school with that I’m still in contact with. His sadly deceased father left Greg a […]


Beer at the Bishop on the Bridge

Today we the first reasonably warm day of spring, so jolly t-shirt on and off to the River Itchen for a walk to spot ducks, swans and hopefully trout. I always feel so happy to see tasty brown trout swimming in the river running through what is pretty much central Winchester. Sadly, as The Editor […]

Domaine Colombier Hermitage 2008

I can feel hairs growing on bits of me

Hermitage is traditionally the manliest wine in France and, as The Editor and I are at least nominally men (superannuated toddlers, more like!) we thought it would make appropriate drinking for lunch. No food, you see? This is extreme dieting. One sniff of this shows it to be deeply pulsingly manly, so much so I […]

Elitistreview Currents view

Some techie stuff about subscribing to Elitistreview

Much as it pain me to bore you all, dear readers, with boring technical stuff, I’m afraid I’m going to have to enlighten you about a few things if you are to keep mirthfully perusing my august organ. Some of my RSS subscribers will need to re-subscribe, as will some email subscribers, but to soften […]