Domaine de Trevallon 2008

My focus is happiness rather than wine right now

I’m chuffed as ninepence. After a series of setbacks of such varied character as pancreatitis, being unable to walk and having too much exposure to a particularly loathsome housing agent I’ve just this moment learned that Elitistreview will finally be installed in a long-term, totally lovely residence in wonderful Winchester. It has taken an age […]

Inside the Bangkok Brasserie

Restaurant research from the recent residence

We have only just moved to Winchester and so far it has been delightful. However, sampling a first restaurant in a new area can utterly poison your view of the town and leave you questioning why you ever thought of visiting, let alone deciding to live there. Consequently, I’m rather chuffed to report that the […]

Many thanks to Andy Singer for having no idea I've stolen one of his jokes - click this image to go to his site

Three cheap wines I love

When I mention my interest in wine to a new acquaintance I am rarely surprised by the responses I hear. Sadly, the most frequent reaction is for someone to adjust their face to a woefully tiresome expression and say, in a tone more appropriate for accusing someone of farting in their granny’s face, “Oh you […]

Klaus Kinski also had schizophrenia, I'd never have guessed from watching his films...

Hooray, I’m the world’s favourite nutter!

When more morally flexible people learn I have paranoid schizophrenia they get a cheap thrill. They think they’ve found a great bit of ammunition they can use to shame, inconvenience or discredit me. Any reader of this site will know such things just won’t work. Not only am I charming and well-liked as well as […]

David noshing on grilled beef banh mi

Sandwiches sustain the sequence of summits

Things have been unusually positive and free from torrents of florid invective on this site recently. Since most readers I have met claim to prefer articles in which I am rude I’m a tad discomposed to report this is going to be another eulogistic one. Those who prefer ungracious bluntness will be saddened to learn […]

Outside Hawksmoor Guildhall looking forward to many japes and capers

Hawksmoor Guildhall – three, it’s the magic number

I think this organ demonstrates my dedication to the pursuit of ludicrously enjoyable experiences. Fortunately, my erratic stagger through life has presented an obscene number of these and so I feel confident in my ability to handle extreme gratification. However, our Tuesday dinner at the new branch of Hawksmoor was so pleasurable that even my […]

Mac Forbes and I flash our favourite ones

A day of superlatives – pizza, purveyor and producer

Tuesdays are rarely thought of as the most lark and jape-filled days, yet this Tuesday I had a royal time quite unlike any other Tuesday in recent memory. Not only was there excellent food and wine but greater enjoyment value was provided by seeing two friends who are firmly established at a far more grown-up […]

One of the many entrances to The Turf Tavern

The Turf – one of Oxford’s finer features

I’ll admit to having gone off Oxford a shade since I spent many years there being refulgently brilliant, but this does not account for the revulsion I felt when getting off the train. Sadly, every route into the city of dreaming spires is a tiresome slog through dismal neighbourhoods filled with vile architecture; the view […]

A brilliant array of pleasure-giving food

Food – the universal pleasure

Regular readers may be surprised by this title – I normally opine on the pleasures of wine. However, the depths of my vinous obsession are not widely shared whereas food is a basic biological necessity that, for those not afflicted with weirdly twisted convictions, can provide an inestimable range and depth of gratifying experiences. Pleasure, […]

Unearthed Nduja is filth!

Unendurably atrocious Nduja

I want to warn you about an unutterably odious food travesty I have been unfortunate enough to experience. The Nduja sold by the company Unearthed is a phenomenally wretched, deplorable and generally half-arsed facsimile of the real product. Indeed, so repulsive is it that I fear it will not only menace but actually exterminate any […]