Brooks Janus Pinot Noir 2007 - it's scrummy!

Pretty, poised Pinot

In my ; Pinot Noir is even better. A well-made Pinot Noir from an interesting location is titillates every faculty – from the intellectual thrills of its transparent expression of origin and the wine-maker’s ability to the often frankly lubricious delight of its beautiful fruit and satisfying mouth-feel it totally pleasures the enlightened drinker. If […]

Brooks Ara Riesling 2008 from Oregon

Dry and direct

Riesling is great stuff, either you love it or you are wrong. Given the screaming peaks of brilliance it can attain it seems a shame that such a relatively small proportion of growers manage to extract the best from it. I have tried Brooks Riesling from the Willamette Valley in Oregon in the past and […]

Animee lemon beer - the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth


The worst thing I have ever put in my mouth.

Editor Daniel is gagging for some English pork

Hampshire farmers’ market is corking!

Editor Daniel has commented that Winchester is so nice it could be abroad. Certainly every time I go out my love for the place only increases. As we sallied forth to find breakfast this morning we noticed the farmers’ market was running and, whilst it resulted in a return of knackered heel agony, ambling around […]

Rib-eye steak and chips

Not a London lunch

One of the corking things about living in Winchester is that so many of the buildings feature engravings of pigs – a pig being the Hampshire county logo. Pigs are just great: mate and meat. Another champion thing is that, compared to London, business costs are far lower and the locals’ reluctance to spend money […]

Marks and Spencer childish drinks

Elitistreview for kids!

Sadly the legal minds at Elitistreview have reminded me that titles like this are the sort of thing the dreary fun police and their miserable, misanthropic informers pounce upon just in case there is a suggestion that someone might be having a laugh. Consequently, I must point out that anyone below whatever age is required […]

Domaine de Trevallon 2008

My focus is happiness rather than wine right now

I’m chuffed as ninepence. After a series of setbacks of such varied character as pancreatitis, being unable to walk and having too much exposure to a particularly loathsome housing agent I’ve just this moment learned that Elitistreview will finally be installed in a long-term, totally lovely residence in wonderful Winchester. It has taken an age […]

Inside the Bangkok Brasserie

Restaurant research from the recent residence

We have only just moved to Winchester and so far it has been delightful. However, sampling a first restaurant in a new area can utterly poison your view of the town and leave you questioning why you ever thought of visiting, let alone deciding to live there. Consequently, I’m rather chuffed to report that the […]

Many thanks to Andy Singer for having no idea I've stolen one of his jokes - click this image to go to his site

Three cheap wines I love

When I mention my interest in wine to a new acquaintance I am rarely surprised by the responses I hear. Sadly, the most frequent reaction is for someone to adjust their face to a woefully tiresome expression and say, in a tone more appropriate for accusing someone of farting in their granny’s face, “Oh you […]

Klaus Kinski also had schizophrenia, I'd never have guessed from watching his films...

Hooray, I’m the world’s favourite nutter!

When more morally flexible people learn I have paranoid schizophrenia they get a cheap thrill. They think they’ve found a great bit of ammunition they can use to shame, inconvenience or discredit me. Any reader of this site will know such things just won’t work. Not only am I charming and well-liked as well as […]