Five wines from around the web #5

Burgundy plus a couple of wines for summer. Morey Saint Denis Premier Cru les Ruchots 1999, Domaine Arlaud: Lovely Morey. Read the [link2post id=”1526″]note[/link2post] here. £26.95 from Stone, Vine and Sun. Niederhauser Hermannshohle Riesling Spatlese 2004, Dönnhoff: A brilliant 2004 German Riesling. Great acidity, lovely fruit and nice richness. It will age really well, but … Continue reading Five wines from around the web #5

Let them eat cake

I cannot believe how debased the art of baking is in this country. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few decent bakeries in London, but if you go into even quite an up-market supermarket they will have a wide selection of breads with all kinds of flours, flavours and seeds all of which are … Continue reading Let them eat cake

A good heroic wine

[link2post id=”1698″]I’ve tried this wine before[/link2post], but there is no harm in giving a fuller note. I’ve just decanted this to have with lasagna tonight. Bandol Cuvée Spéciale la Migoua 2001, Domaine Tempier This has a fairly heroic nose of alcohol (it is 15%), but there is a lot of fragrant fruit there. It is … Continue reading A good heroic wine

This is very real

After my [link2post id=”1476″]rants about the all-round goodness of low-alcohol wines[/link2post] you may think I’d hate this beast of a beer. I think this is quite balanced, although not really a light, refreshing drink. It is a Trappist monk beer. No wonder they don’t talk, they must be too drunk. The large lumps of dead … Continue reading This is very real

It’s not real

This is not a real ale in a bottle, it is not bottle-conditioned. It is quite refreshing to drink whilst watching the cricket, though. Timothy Taylor’s Landlord Pale Ale, 4.1% A darkish golden colour. This has a really hoppy nose, it smells really quite lively. The palate is refreshingly bitter with good malty flavours. It … Continue reading It’s not real

Hot stuff

A recipe that is great for a light summer meal: Hot and sour beef salad. Don’t worry, there is not that much of [link2post id=”1531″]the dangerous lettuce[/link2post] in it. You will need per person. A thickish piece of fillet steak (roughly 200g) Four lettuce leaves One shallot finely chopped One red chili finely chopped Two … Continue reading Hot stuff