Five wines from around the web #2

February’s recommendations are a day late. Champagne Avize Grand Cru 1996, Jacquesson: A great, lively, zesty pure Chardonnay Champagne. An excellent bottle. £41.60 from Ten Acre Wines. Champagne Cuvée 730, Jacquesson: One of my favourite non-vintage Champagnes. Powerful and complex. £26.95 from Ten Acre Wines. Sancerre Rouge la Belle Dame 2002, Domaine Vacheron: Pinot Noir […]

I am a limey

Ranked as Australia’s best Riesling, this is a bargain. Polish Hill Riesling 2004, Grosset Intense ripe lime fruit nose. Crivens, there is also some minerality there. Lovely. The palate is very dry and fresh. Good acidity, nice lime fruit and it is extremely well balanced. There are stony flavours on the palate as well. This […]


What does that mean?

I opened a bottle of wine with the neighbours last night. No note I am afraid, I was not feeling up to it whilst drinking. The neighbours enjoy wine, but are not completely obsessed with it like I am. As I poured the wine I asked them what information they could extract from this label. […]


Rib of beef

Yesterday I roasted a rib of beef. It was an excellent piece of meat that came from the Wild Beef Company who visit Borough Market here in London. Their cows are allowed to roam free on Dartmoor so they gain extra flavour. The meat is then dry aged until properly mature and ready to eat. […]

Much too young

I’ve had this wine before and I think it is great, it just appears it is going through some middle-aged awkwardness at the moment. Pommard Premier Cru Clos des Epeneaux 2001, Comte Armand/Domaine des Epeneaux A ripe, full-bodied nose of rich dark fruit and earth. It is framed with a seasoning of new oak. The […]

Bonkers Riesling

Roman Niewodniczanski of Van Volxem makes some novel wines. Rather than the traditional practise of labelling the wines according to ripeness of the grapes, and thereby making several wines from one vineyard, Van Volxem wines are all just labelled with a vineyard name, no ripeness. Moreover, the wine is fermented drier, to a higher alcohol […]

Lighter fluid

2003 was a crazy year in Europe, so hot. This wine demonstrates the problems with that. Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Hengst 2003, Domaine Zind-Humbrecht This honks of raw booze. An incredibly hot and alcoholic nose. What fruit there is is so confected it smells of foam banana sweets. There is no acidity to speak of. The […]

Lawks, a goodie

Purchased direct from the Meantime Brewery pub, the Union. A white-beer style. Meantime Brewery White, 5% Cloudy amber colour. Very fruity nose, banana and spiced peach. It has a refreshing sparkle. The palate is also fruity. This is fruity, refreshing and fun. Very nice.

More sedate this time

After the wild craziness of the , I decided to try a less ripe vintage. I am drinking it at room temperature this time, but it would be fine with a light chill. Savennières L’Enclos 2001, Eric Morgat A rich, golden colour. The nose bursts with life: exotic fruits, minerals and a bit of alcohol. […]

Meaty fun

An older bottle of Pibarnon I was lucky enough to pick up in a shop that largely has off vintages of rubbish producers. Old Pibarnon is really lovely. Bandol 1993, Château de Pibarnon A rich nose of grilled meats, soft fruit and earth. It seems very complex. Smells great! The palate still has a bit […]