Where to get decent Burgundy in the UK

Someone asked in a comment, this seems an ideal thing to turn into a cheap blog entry. Good internet/mail-order companies include: Stone, Vine and Sun (Mmmm… they’ve got Cathiard), Lea and Sandeman (they’ve got shops in London), Howard Ripley (a great list with good German stuff too, good for en primeurs, sadly not much depth […]

A juicy pair

Two wines opened at the neighbours place of a Sunday afternoon. We were bored and wanted something nice. These are really quite nice. Morey-Saint-Denis 2001, Domaine Dujac Silky, complex fruit nose. It has a lot of soft earth and rich complexity. This is lovely. On the palate there is a vigorous amount of tannin, but […]

Bargain Burgundy

In response to my post someone commented that Burgundy at the bottom of the pile is not as good as Bordeaux for the same money. I couldn’t agree less. I think Burgundy is a bargain relative to Bordeaux. Some wines I’ve had recently demonstrate this very clearly. Today I popped a bottle of Domaine Arlaud […]

Weight and rigour

Trimbach make some great Rieslings. They don’t do malolactic fermentation to soften the acid and ferment them dry so they can be quite austere and rigorous. Given plenty of time in the cellar they can become really charming and lovely. Being a late harvest wine has helped with the charm factor in this wine. Riesling […]

Another grasp at loveliness

We have popped another half bottle of ; it is really terribly good. It has great elegance and refinement despite still being a bit closed. It is really silky and concentrated. This is lovely Burgundy. We’ve only got one more half left, alas. I should say we opened this because the 1704″]Santa Duc Gigondas Prestige […]

A beast of a white wine

One of the problems with Zind-Humbrecht wine is that you can never really know before you taste them what they are going to be like. Olivier Humbrecht has stated putting an indication of sweetness on the labels, but so far this seems to be quite a fanciful scale with little grounding in reality. The wines […]

Peaty monster

I find whisky to be slightly hard work, perhaps largely because I like cask-strength stuff and that hurts. Visiting the neighbours I quickly moved from a bottle of Zind-Humbrecht Pinot Gris to this, which is only marginally more alcoholic. The trick to tasting whiksy is to take the tiniest taste and let the flavours explode […]

Pretty butch

Another wine from the wonderful Sylvain Cathiard, one of his most minor crus. This was opened for general drinking purposes when my mother visited. It seems a tad butch to be really pretty Chambolle. Chambolle Musigny les Clos de l’Orme 1999, Sylvain Cathiard A ripe nose of fresh, bright fruit. It smells a bit hot, […]


Opened my last bottle of last night. Once again it was really lovely, with beautiful fruit and great balance. I did once say he makes 1632″]beautiful Vosne for lovers of beautiful Burgundy. I’ve done rather well for Burgundy in the past few days, but the Lambrays 2001 was the best. That was a great wine.

Real beauty

Yet another wine from this producer, they really are a personal favourite. Clos des Lambrays 2001, Domaine des Lambrays A beautiful, perfumed, complex nose of fruit and earth. This smells deeply lovely. The palate is staggeringly beautiful; ripe, fresh Pinot fruit, with mineral complexity framed in a good tannic structure. It is extremely complex and […]