Last night I had another bottle of . It was bloody awful. So hot and confected it tasted more like child’s sweets than a bottle of fine wine. I hated it with a passion. So much so that the bottle still sits in the fridge with only two glasses gone from it; it’ll go down […]

Nice Burgundy, pretty Burgundy

Rather a nice magnum drank with our lovely neighbours. Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru les Folatieres 2002, Gerard Chavy et fils en magnum This has a pretty nose of melon, lemon and creamy minerality. This smells like it has seen very little new oak and it is all the better for that. It has a very light-bodied […]

This afternoon’s general drinking

This afternoon’s general drinking was in the company of a lovely professional couple who kindly hosted us; they are really excellent cooks – roast chicken is a truly under-rated dish especially when cooked Jamie Oliver style with lots of butter under the breast. My friends are wonderful people. We drank quite well, too. Billecart-Salmon Blanc […]

I admit this is a bit girly

This is the second year we’ve imported some of this via an Italian wine merchant. It is a great summery drink. Moscato d’Asti 2005, Vignaioli di San Stefano The nose is really floral and fruity. Yummy yummy, this smells delicious. There is a nice refreshing fizz, good acidity and lots of tasty fruit. The sweetness […]

Musing on Bandol

I’m currently drinking a bottle of Bandol La Tourtine 2001 from Domaine Tempier, even though it is 15% I really like it. Tempier has long been my favourite producer of Bandol. La Tourtine was always my favourite of the two Tempier vineyards. Oddly I feel vaguely guilty that I now prefer La Miguoa; it is […]

Five more to go, probably down the sink

I have no idea what grapes this wine is made from, if indeed it is made from grapes. The partner has been given a six pack, what will we do with them all I wonder. Natural Sweet 2002, Buitenverwachting It is quite orange. The nose has a lot of botrytis, acetone and vinegar smells. It […]

Another poor bottle

I’ve popped my last bottle of . Just as with the bottle reviewed earlier this has painfully high acid levels, it is seriously unbalanced and not very nice. The levels of Brett are really distracting, too. No thanks.

Larks ahoy!

I was only planning to go to three or four tastings when in Burgundy in July. I have contacted Domaine Arlaud, Domaine Roulot and Domaine Roumier to make bookings already. Then I got a call from the friendly winemaker who will be acting as one of our hosts saying that she wanted to join us […]

Off but on

I’ve just had some more , it is terribly good. Straight out of the fridge it really shows that it can be a refreshing drink thanks to all of that acidity. I like its slightly off, savoury character too. Oddly, there is some fruit as well. I admit it is candied, preserved fruit, but fruit […]

Quite oaky

This is one of my favourite non-vintage Champagne; it is a bargain when purchased in France. Champagne Brut NV, Alfred Gratien The nose is really quite fruity, but some toasty oak is also very noticeable. The palate also has plenty of fruit, good acidity and a finish that leaves you picking oak splinters out of […]