Probably the shittest beer in Lille

My trip to France has been a tale of woe so far, beyond picking up some Pibarnon 2001 for a knock-down price. Dinner was, perhaps, even more depressing than what approximated for lunch. We had a recommendation to go to a microbrewery in Lille called Les 3 Brasseurs. Going to a microbrewery is usually an […]

Basic Bandol

The generic Bandol from Tempier, they really have cleaned up their act (and their wines) in recent years. Bandol 2005, Domaine Tempier A clean nose of prune-y fruit and grilled meat, it is pleasing but a bit simple. The fruit is quite ripe, but not as crazy as the I’ve 1698″]reported on in the 1533″]past. […]

2003 was bonkers, alright

I tried this at the London Wine and Spirit’s Trade Fair last year, I was impressed. I am pleased the partner has purchased a few bottles. Bit pricy, mind. 2003 by Bollinger This smells extremely fruity and very vinous, far more like wine than most Champagnes. It is dense, full-bodied and meaty, with plenty of […]


More on Nespresso

The coffee machine has been a real hit. I have decided I like the three strongest Nespresso blends best, but I cannot decide between them. The Ristretto and Roma blends include some Robusta beans, but this does not diminish the quality of the coffee they produce. The second strongest, Arpeggio, is Robusta-free, and is also […]

Not entirely happy New Year drinking

This wine came in distinctly , but after the successes of some recent 1996 fizz I thought it would be a suitably grand and celebratory wine to pop at midnight. All I can say is it is not worth the sponds. Champagne Grande Cuvee 1996, Billecart-Salmon Ripe apples, cold cocoa and hints of coffee on […]

Happy New Year 2008

Just a quick post to say many thanks to the 6516 unique visitors I have had to this site last year (not including non-viewed traffic), This is up from 3678 unique visitors in 2006. These 6516 visitors have made 18207 visits to my site and I have served up 74279 pages last year. I am […]

Back on song

Jaboulet went through a bad patch in the late 90s, 2003 supposedly marks their return to form. This is better than previous vintages for a few years, but it is still obviously a crazy vintage. Crozes-Hermitage “Domaine de Thalabert” 2003, Paul Jaboulet-Aine Very dark, almost black. A rich, heady nose of porty fruit. It still […]

Five wines from around the web #16

This month I have buying recommendations for you, a few of which I’ve opened in the last few days. Riesling Grand Cru Schlossberg Vendange Tardive Trie Speciale 2004, Domaine Weinbach: Utterly brilliant late harvest Riesling. Read the note . £60 from the Wine Society. Nuits Saint Georges Premier Cru les Saint Georges 1995, Gouges: Serious […]

General drinking for lunch yesterday

A few good things yesterday. I am afraid I got rather drunk so notes will be brief. The Clos St. Hune was most disappointing. Grande Annee 1996, Bollinger Perfectly balanced on the edge of maturity and freshness. Really good fruit and acidity with a fine mousse. This was excellent and in top condition. Even though […]

He may have an unfortunate name but he speaks the truth

Dr Wadge of the Food Standards Agency has made the excellent point on his blog that so-called ‘detox’ diets and supplements are a waste of time and money. They are obviously a pile of toss and anyone who buys them is misguided at the very least. I couldn’t agree with his suggestion of spending the […]