What a beast

This claims 14.5% on the label, liars! I think it suffers a bit from having heat damaged grapes in it, it is a bit bitter. Bandol Cuvée Speciale la Miguoa 2003, Domaine Tempier A huge, booze-tastic nose that smells of some kind of fruit liqueur. This is crazily alcoholic. The fruit is nice on the […]

Upgrade complete

The blog software is now upgraded and seems to be running fine. Hopefully, dear reader, you will not have any more problems accessing the site.

Hell’s bells, what is the world coming to?

Chilean wine on Elitist Review? Honestly, elitism is my goal (rather than snobbery) so I’ll take the best from anywhere, especially when this was a mere fifteen sheets. EQ Pinot Noir 2006, Matetic Vineyards It is quite dark. It has a slightly cabbagey, sour fruit nose which is typical of slightly under-baked Pinot. However, there […]

Possible blog tits-up alert

I am upgrading to the latest version of my blog software, which requires me to move to an ASP.NET v2.0 capable server. There may be some downtime whilst this happens. Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything.

A bit of a slattern

‘Oh fancy!’-grade Beaujolais. I know some people who have raved about this wine, I hope it is nice. Moulin-a-Vent “Chateau des Jacques” 2005, Louis Jadot I’m surprised by how dark it is. It has quite a lot of cherry fruit on the nose, and is surprisingly oaky too. It seems quite big. The palate has […]

A bit like an applesinthe

Onlly using the ingredients I have to hand. Two measures fresh apple juice One and a half measures of apple vodka Half a meaure of absinthe Liquidise with ice to make a lovely appley-aniseed slush.

Graillot rides out

Hell’s bells, a Moroccan wine on Elitist Review. Mind you, it is made by the gifted winemaker, and all round good fellow, Alain Graillot. Can he really make bad wine? We shall see… Tandem Syrah 2005, Alain Graillot It is rather dark. A nose of rich dark fruit that is really quite attractive. Nice ripeness […]

Goodbye Tallinn

My last Estonian beer, drank half an hour before getting a taxi to the airport. I won’t miss them. A. Le Coq Special 1807 Jubilee Edition, 5.2% Smells like standard lager, nothing thrilling here. Apart from the fact that it is slightly sweet and a bit chemical, this could be any standard European lager. It […]

Finally I get to try it

I’ve wanted to try this wine for years, the Ramonets claim it is the best red wine of the Cote de Beaune. I’ve just never seen it for sale by the bottle anywhere until I went to a sushi restaurant in Helsinki: it had to be purchased. Chassagne-Montrachet Rouge Premier Cru Clos Saint Jean 2004, […]

Greetings from Estonia

I’ve been in Estonia for the past couple of days. I’ve tried one local brewery, Saku, and I have to say the beer is foul. It seems to be a pretty generic lager, but it has a nasty chemical taste which is really off-putting. This is especially true of the Saku Dark. It is 6.7% […]