Sauer grapes

Oh I am sorry for that terrible pun. The wine is not as worrying as the winemaker’s name suggests. This comes from the Franken region so is bottled in a novelty bottle. Silvaner Spatlese Trocken Escherndorfer Lump 2005, Horst Sauer A weighty, ripe nose of white fruit and creamy minerality. This smells vaguely of Chardonnay, […]

And so it begins (again)

Back on the booze. Hooray! And it is Burgundy, what more could a chap ask for? Morey-Saint-Denis “Clos Solon” Vieille Vigne 2001, Domaine Fourrier Yum, this smells quite ripe and concentrated. Good cherry and strawberry fruit there, too. There is a creamy earthiness/minerality to it which is very pleasing. This is the nose of a […]

Claret rant

An apology and a podcast

Sorry I have not been posting notes of late. I have been violently ill which has made drinking wine a lot less possible. Yesterday and today I seem to be feeling a bit better so hopefully I will have an excuse to pop something good soon. To make up for the gap I present an […]

I haven’t really been in the mood for wine much of late

What with throwing up upteen times during the day and being uncontrollably insane when I am not medicated to buggery, I haven’t really felt much like drinking. However, I pursuaded the partner that he should buy some of this as, along with Bannockburn Shiraz, it is undoubtedly one of my favourite Australian wines. It is […]

Not much wine over the weekend

I was in Amsterdam over the weekend, so perilously little wine was consumed. However, it was my birthday on Thursday and at the ‘large-formats’ party we held we popped a magnum of Riesling Singerriedel 2004 from Hirtzberger . This was quite delicious, quite large-scale but with good acidity. It had a typically Austrian white pepper […]


Nothing to do with wine

I feel extremely fortunate to have acquired a beautiful thing today. Not a bottle of Musigny, but there are other interesting things out there. I also collect contemporary ceramics, and now have seven pieces by the talented, imaginative and reasonably hot Sarah-Jane Selwood. This is a fairly dodgy picture of the wonderful bowl I purchased. […]

A sort of personal ad

Blame my community psychiatric nurse for this, all his idea. I didn’t say it was necessarily a bad idea, though… Do you find your weekdays dragging? Do you find yourself filled with ideas about things to do but no one to do them with? Fancy the odd pint? Yes, I am advertising for friends. If […]

Fairly arsehole-y

I picked this up from my cellar in Oxford on my last visit. It is a bit young still, but very drinkable. Bandole Cuvee Speciale la Miguoa 1998, Domaine Tempier en magnum A very scented, herbal, meaty nose with a charming grilled character. It has sweet berry fruit as well. This doesnt seem as ripe […]

A truly gifted winemaker

Wilhelm Haag is a wonderful winemaker, and he makes great wine too. You cannot go wrong with his Kabinett and Spatlese wines, they are normally very ripe, delicious, will age a treat and are complete bargains. Riesling Spatlese Brauneberger-Juffer Sonnenuhr 2006, Fritz Haag Cripes, this smells ripe. Lots of wonderful peachy fruit and great minerality. […]

Direct but charming

The wines of Bruno Sorg are great value, always worth a punt when you see them. This is particularly true of this wine and the old vines flavour. Riesling Grand Cru Pfersigberg 2004, Domaine Bruno Sorg A lovely nose of baked apples and rich minerality. This smells pretty complex and stylish; it is certainly very […]