There may be worse things in the world but not that much worse

We are in France to pick up cheap Champagne and stopped off at the hamburger chain Quick for a much-delayed lunch. I thought I was so hungry I could eat anything, how wrong I was. The food was totally, stomach-churningly, soul-meltingly vile. I can hardly bring myself to think about it again so utterly nauseating … Continue reading There may be worse things in the world but not that much worse

Basic Bandol

The generic Bandol from Tempier, they really have cleaned up their act (and their wines) in recent years. Bandol 2005, Domaine Tempier A clean nose of prune-y fruit and grilled meat, it is pleasing but a bit simple. The fruit is quite ripe, but not as crazy as the [link2post id=”1449″]2001’s[/link2post] I’ve 1698″]reported on in … Continue reading Basic Bandol

More on Nespresso

The coffee machine has been a real hit. I have decided I like the three strongest Nespresso blends best, but I cannot decide between them. The Ristretto and Roma blends include some Robusta beans, but this does not diminish the quality of the coffee they produce. The second strongest, Arpeggio, is Robusta-free, and is also … Continue reading More on Nespresso

Back on song

Jaboulet went through a bad patch in the late 90s, 2003 supposedly marks their return to form. This is better than previous vintages for a few years, but it is still obviously a crazy vintage. Crozes-Hermitage “Domaine de Thalabert” 2003, Paul Jaboulet-Aine Very dark, almost black. A rich, heady nose of porty fruit. It still … Continue reading Back on song