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Davy reading Little Life

Little Life, Davy as art

For those with an interest in the arts, and a degree of interest in me beyond my role as writer of lewd tasting notes, it might pique your curiosity to learn that I am the subject of a photographic art book by the talented, up-and-coming photographer Nataliya Ileva. I was incredibly flattered when she chose […]

Parker's Wine Buyer's Toss

The perversion that is scoring wine

People giving points to wine is admittedly such an easy target to destroy it is like going dynamite fishing in a barrel. Additionally, I am sure I have raged about it on Elitistreview before. However, a memory cropped up this morning that I thought was quite instructive, and it allows me to wallow in the […]

Time to talk about mental health day

Time to Talk Day

Today, 6 February, is Time to Talk about mental health day. For reasons that I assure you are well-meaning and inspired by wholesome motives, I have decided to take part. As regular readers will know, I suffer from paranoid schizophrenia. I have quite broad experience of what this illness can do to one as well […]

Big Bottle Bash menu

Davy’s Big Bottle Birthday Booze Bonanza

lomstercode: Here are a few pictures from Davy’s 40th birthday party at The Cow in West London. It was the best birthday party ever! The food and service was outstanding, the wines were truly awesome, and so was the company. Thank you all for making it such a special, fun and memorable evening! Thank you to […]

The Youth of Bacchus

40th birthday wine poll

Given my youthful visage and playful attitude you may be surprised I was born almost forty years ago; my birthday party is in November. It’ll be a quiet little affair with a few select friends whom I like, nay, love deeply and want to celebrate with that one day a year one gets old on. […]

Robert Weil Spatlese Kiedrich Grafenberg 2007

A Riesling worthy of celebration

Today I did something that meant quite a lot to me and I’m very proud to have managed: I went out to the postal delivery office by myself and collected a parcel waiting for me. Now, this may not sound like very much at all to you peculiar normal people, but I have been too […]


Happy third birthday to me!

Today is my third birthday and, after a month of having major mental health issues, I am determined to have a good time. Later today I will be going to The Bangkok Brasserie, Winchester’s excellent Thai restaurant, for a celebratory bash. I’ve asked the right questions (“I like the food how Thai people like it” […]


The pressie haul so far

In my post pleading and whining for gifts to cheer me up for my up-coming third birthday I promised I would model any gifts I got sent. Frankly I didn’t expect to receive anything but, would you believe it, apparently I’m loved enough to merit gifts! This feels a bit odd as I am currently […]


Make me a happy three year old

Things haven’t been great recently. Lowering my dose of antipsychotics caused serious mental health issues which still are not fully resolved. The resultant epic anxiety and paranoia has affected my physical health – I’ve been blowing bits like you would not believe. I’m thoroughly sick of having aged into a schizophrenic collection of maladies. Consequently, […]


Student Davy’s wizard weight-loss wheeze

Someone just reminded me of the idea that, as a doctoral student, I thought would bring me fame and glory – a dead-easy method of losing weight. You can ask your doctor about this and they should be clued-up enough to know it would work, even if they don’t know precisely how effective it would […]

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