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Susan Wilk's Tempest Bowl

Susan Wilk’s Tempest Bowl

It usually pays to be happy and enthusiastic. When my chum Susan Wilk let slip she was a part time ceramicist I gleefully leapt at her twitter account to grill her for information about what she makes and, if she could manage it, some pictures – I have a definite thing for ceramics. The charming […]

A small, pre-historic vase from the Harappan civilisation

Someone knows what I like

I’ve been sent a little gift, hooray! It is a little vase from the Indus valley – Harappan, I’m told, dating from between 1800BCE and 2800BCE. It is only about 5cm tall but I am rather taken with it. Quite a looker, eh? I am terribly grateful to those few people who have sent me […]

A small Roman vessel made from glass

Not wine, not ceramics but Roman glass

OK, this is not made of ceramic but it tweaks my aesthetic sensibilities in a similar manner. For a long time I have lusted after owning a little piece of well-preserved Roman glass; a follower of Elitistreview (who wishes to remain anonymous) gave me this marvellous example as a token of appreciation for all the […]

A little vase from the Indus Valley

The oldest thing I own

No ceramics posts here for a while, due to my parlous financial state, but this acquisition is worth a brief comment. It is undoubtedly the oldest thing I own but still manages that desired quality ‘beauty’. Most of the ceramics that grace Elitistreview Towers are from contemporary studio ceramicists, but this year we’ve looked a […]

A Jars Tourron Pourpre dish

A new dish, this one is French

When browsing t’interwebs the other day we happened upon this rather spiffy dish – it looked good and was on sale at half the normal price so we purchased one. The company responsible for it is Jars, and the range of serveware it belongs to is Tourron Poeme Poupre. I do like the combination of […]

A wonderful Chris Keenan pot

My christmas present

In addition to some Cedric Bouchard fizz I was given this lovely Chris Keenan pot. It is one of the best things I’ve seen by him in a while. The inside burns with a vivid, evil radiance.

Rupert Spira espresso cups

Finally I have a worthy espresso cup!

We got other Rupert Spira goodies whilst out yesterday, a couple of espresso cups: They have a black slightly metallic glaze which, when the light is right, burns with iridescence. I will feel much happier when I make a brilliant espresso into one of these. Just so you know, if you are looking to pick […]


My birthday present

It is a few weeks early but I don’t mind. I’ve been given a bowl: Isn’t it marvellous? This is by Rupert Spira, a properly famous ceramicist (don’t tell me you’ve never heard of him). It is about 15cm across and has a wonderfully deep red glaze which is flecked with blue. I am very […]


An expensive day at Collect

If you are in London and you haven’t been to Collect yet, you need to get yourself over there this evening or tomorrow; it is wonderful. Clearly the best art fair I’ve ever been to, indeed better than it has been for years. However, the story is of the acquisition of another beautiful thing. We […]


Is this Britain’s most under-appreciated ceramicist?

Whilst we were in Edinburgh we visited the studio of Sarah-Jane Selwood. This is something I have wanted to do since I purchased my first piece of hers in the mid-nineties. We were both a bit nervous. It was much like visiting a wine producer we love only not having a raft of incisive technical […]

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