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An insultingly small course at the Beef Cartel at Hawksmoor

Beef Cartel at Hawksmoor – from the stars to the gutter

Since having Pedro’s meat at Casa Nicolas in Tolosa, the Basque country, I’ve though it’s been the best beef I’ve ever eaten. However, I am well aware that the limits of pleasure are yet to be defined or reached, so was pleased that two of the dishes at the Beef Cartel event at Hawksmoor last […]

David noshing on grilled beef banh mi

Sandwiches sustain the sequence of summits

Things have been unusually positive and free from torrents of florid invective on this site recently. Since most readers I have met claim to prefer articles in which I am rude I’m a tad discomposed to report this is going to be another eulogistic one. Those who prefer ungracious bluntness will be saddened to learn […]

Unearthed Nduja is filth!

Unendurably atrocious Nduja

I want to warn you about an unutterably odious food travesty I have been unfortunate enough to experience. The Nduja sold by the company Unearthed is a phenomenally wretched, deplorable and generally half-arsed facsimile of the real product. Indeed, so repulsive is it that I fear it will not only menace but actually exterminate any […]

The Dial Arch Pub in Woolwich

Sunday lunch at the Dial Arch pub revisited

Dear reader, you may recall ‘Non-Stinky’ Jeff’s glowing in Woolwich. Having been there for lunch today I can only imagine he was talking about a different Dial Arch pub. This is because the vile filth masquerading as food they had the temerity to serve us could only be described positively if it were being force-fed […]

A kofte kebab

Haz Premier Place – purveyors of drearily monotonous Turkish food

Now that the really quite good Turkish restaurant has bitten the dust I’ve been eager to find a replacement. I had heard good things about Haz Premier Place so thought it worth a try. Alas the food turned out to be anodyne industrial slop of the most mind-warpingly lacklustre variety. If it were not for […]

Kangaroo jerky

A comparative jerk-off

My sister sent me three novelty types from Australian jerky. It seemed only reasonable to compare and contrast them all together in one session. The pictures show each packet with a few pieces of jerky on top. These are all described as ‘the great Australian taste’; just how great it is we shall see… Kangaroo […]


An utterly horrible breakfast experience

After barely any food yesterday and another drag of a night with insomnia I thought I’d cheer myself up with a tasty breakfast treat. Most of the breakfast establishments in Woolwich are just too horrific to visit, so I found myself in MacDonald’s. How bad can it be, I thought? I had no idea… This […]

Savaging Le Champignon Sauvage

We had heard so many good things about Le Champignon Sauvage in Cheltenham that we had high hopes. A moment’s doubt crossed our minds when we saw the hideous dining room, but that wouldn’t matter as long as the food was all that we had been promised. It wasn’t. Indeed, it was one of the […]

Viet Baguette: most of the ingredients, none of the flavour

Some people have a good idea and then fail to have the successive good ideas that make the first one work. This is very much the case at Viet Baguette in Charlotte Place: making Vietnamese sandwiches (banh mi) was a good idea but it needed to be backed up with further ideas like having good […]


These crackers are really horrible

Right, so you’ve got a bit of Vacherin Mont d’Or and the bloody ‘priced like Harrod’s’ corner shop has no bread. So, the cunning idea arises to buy some crackers. And for the very best part of three quid I get a 150g box of The Fine Cheese Company’s Wholemeal Crackers. They are filthy pieces […]

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