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The best fish and chips I have had in my life

Tailend Restaurant and Fish Bar, Edinburgh Tailend Restaurant and Fish Bar was our last meal in Edinburgh; they served the best fish and chips I’ve had as well as other seafoody goodies. It was a great experience. We walked in via the fish bar, the kitchen seemed large and busy. The fish bar was suffused […]

You just cannot get the staff these days

Valvona and Crolla, Edinburgh When I was at Oxford I remember being really impressed by Valvona and Crolla’s wine list. When we found out they had a highly thought-of cafe in Edinburgh I was terribly keen to go. The wine selection didn’t seem so thrilling, our waitress was hopeless, but the food was damned good. […]

Cripes! I ordered chicken!

The Atrium, Edinburgh The Atrium is situated in a theatre and bar complex and it looked like the kind of place where all of Edinburgh’s super-cool people go to dine. We are super-cool, so it suited. Once again, as I poured over the extensive wine list I was totally scandalised by the mark-ups. Sure, there […]

It wasn’t kitsch

The Kitchin, Edinburgh The Kitchin was recommended to us as one of Edinburgh’s best dining establishments; Kitchin being the surname of the couple who run it. It has quite an elegant dining room (although I wish they wouldn’t play background music) so we had good thoughts as we sat down. Then we read the wine […]

One thing we are not is two thin laddies

I recently ; the cafe Two Thin Laddies in Edinburgh delivers them very well. I was a bit worried when we walked in, it seemed as if it was going to be only free-trade, organic, vegan, leftist-shite food. We were relieved when we looked at the menu and saw it was packed with meaty offerings […]