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Down the alley where everyone should go

Daniel guided us through a bewildering array of back-passages with the promise of serious fishy action at Trattoria Antiche Carampane. We eventually found the right street and were pleased to score the only remaining table for the evening. The restaurant does not have a menu, instead your waiter will talk you though the seafood they […]

Simple food, great pleasure

After fighting our way through Venice guided by a woefully inaccurate map we finally found Osteria al Portego, an un-assuming neighbourhood bar and kitchen that provided satisfying and un-pretentious food. Being lunchtime the menu was largely themed on pasta, which is fine for most people but it left me with a limited choice of dishes. […]


Tests good

Tonight three of us sallied forth from our place of residence in search of some fishy comestibles; Alle Testiere was a top address for obtaining what we were after. The menu was short and to the point, it demonstrated that quality seafood was what they were all about. The wine list was also brief and […]

A fishy alternative to the tourist traps

In Venice there are one hell of a lot of tourist trap restaurants whose raison d’etre is to rip off visitors with lunatic pricing of inadequate food. We went into Cannaregio, a quiet area in the North of Venice, and enjoyed a lovely meal at Osteria da Rioba which was a comparative bargain. From the […]