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Some good news

Long time reader, Mrs Trellis of North Wales, will remember the horrific travesty of a restaurant that tried their hardest to insult Daniel and me on our woeful visit there. For all those who think that ability and good work should be rewarded will be as delighted as I was to learn that Serge Burckel […]

Two much better places in Alsace

As well as attending the mind-bogglingly awful . (there are only torrents of invective that can describe that place) we also visited two much better places. I have reviewed them before so you can just click on the links: Restaurant l’Arnsbourg and Chez Yvonne. I should add that this time we stayed a night at […]

The culinary crimes of Serge et Co.

You could only enjoy Serge et co. if you had a spoon fetish; they kept bringing them and taking them away with incredible frequency. For everyone else, it is a little restaurant of horrors. When visiting Strasbourg for a night we decided to visit this restaurant as it had got good reviews and sounded like […]

Northern France is redeemed

After the total shite of a Saturday, Sunday lunch was a complete treat. Le Buffet at Isbergues, an hour away from Calais provided excellent food and wine at complete bargain prices. They had four set menus on offer, the most expensive of which was an inexpensive 60€. We chose a 45€ menu, which seemed to […]

There may be worse things in the world but not that much worse

We are in France to pick up cheap Champagne and stopped off at the hamburger chain Quick for a much-delayed lunch. I thought I was so hungry I could eat anything, how wrong I was. The food was totally, stomach-churningly, soul-meltingly vile. I can hardly bring myself to think about it again so utterly nauseating […]

The train stops here

After our hearty but unchallenging lunch at Chez Yvonne we moved distinctly upmarket to the two-star Au Crocodile. This venerable restaurant (opened in 1971) was all kitted-out to advertise their new TGV tasting menu, created to welcome the fast train route into Strasbourg, with model trains and station names everywhere. We didn’t opt for this […]


A traditional Alsace eating house

Four of us traveled to Alsace for a weekend’s dining, what better place to start than one of the most traditional dining establishments in Strasbourg? Chez Yvonne S’Burjerstuwel is a cosy little place right near the cathedral. Daniel and David visited before quite by chance a couple of years ago, and so impressed were we […]


La Ferme de la Ruchotte revisited

We’ve been here . The owner/chef’s obsession with eating many different breeds of chicken continues to great effect. The first course was a poached egg served in a broth with trompette and chanterelle mushrooms gathered by the chef’s mother. The egg was meltingly soft and full of flavour. Very good to have some fresh mushrooms. […]

Le Jardin des Remparts

After a heavy afternoon’s tasting we fancied going for a nice meal. Our choice of the one-star le Jardin des Remparts in Beaune was inspired. Not only did it have a very good, and reasonably priced, wine list but also the food was very high quality. I was highly amused by the first course, melon […]

La Cabotte

When visiting Burgundy the one restaurant I cannot recommend highly enough is La Cabotte in Nuits St. Georges. I’ve eaten many good meals there and never left with an empty wallet. It is right in the centre of Nuits and is a great place for a relaxed, good-quality lunch or dinner. On this visit I […]

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