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Croque Madame Dani

This is a guest post by The Editor I woke up early as a blues singer this morning, with no intention to do anything special today. Reading the news provoked the usual despairing of humanity, until I saw the following tweet via Reeve the Baker. We thought eggy bread couldn't get any better but @DanDoherty_ […]

The level of fluid is almost reduced enough

Last night, Jesus entered me!

It has been said that what comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible, after silence, is music. Bollocks to that, it is this dish! Trying to think about its complexity hurts your brain more than trying to pay attention during a particularly wearisome reading of the Book of Psalms. We travel far beyond mere food with […]


The best thing to cook with chicken thighs

I’ve given a number of versions of my chicken in cider recipe. Whilst it has slowly improved, last night’s version was such a massive leap forward I just had to share it. I was stunned by what I cooked. Of course, you’ll need truly wizard ingredients to make yours as good as mine; if it […]


Booze braised buffalo brisket

When I was an undergraduate and couldn’t afford food my chum Mr T would cook for me on a regular basis. He was excellent at braising meat in booze, but the recipe I’m about to give you is far better than what he used to make for several reasons. Firstly, Edward was given to braising […]


Smoked eel, bacon and mash

You can know you like something, and then have an example that totally detonates your underwear. I’ve always liked smoked eel, but the Test Valley smoked eel from the New Forest Smokery (contact details below) is so staggeringly super I really wasn’t prepared for it. You should make strenuous efforts to get some whilst it’s […]


Dan Richardson’s Lobster roll

I have long been hoping my excellent Jersey Bean chum Dan Richardson would contribute content to my organ; he is a charming, erudite fellow who knows the importance of having fun with nice things. His Tweets about lobster roll were so ecstatic I easily convinced him that People Need To Know. So over to Dan […]


Scrummy squiddy scoff

The editor and I picked up some squid at the last Hampshire Farmers’ Market and cooked something so simple, satisfying and scrumptious I would like to share the recipe with you. It is a great way of serving barely-grilled squid. As you need to hardly grill the squid (incredibly important that you don’t overcook it) […]

Dani modelling eggs

Hyden Organics Scotch eggs and Morey

Recently I have been eating the best sausages I have ever encountered, from Hyden Organics. I was very pleased to score some of the sausage meat and some of their eggs so Dani could create cracking Hyden Organics Scotch eggs. They were topping. When we noshed on these orbs we had a simply spiffing bottle […]

The greatest toasted cheese sandwich known to man - made according to the recipe of Hawksmoor at Home

Hawksmoor’s ultimate toasted cheese sandwich

The cookbook Hawksmoor at Home is probably the only collection of cooking instructions you need. It provided this recipe for a toasted cheese sandwich. It was a spiffing sandwich. I admit it is not so much ‘toasted’ as ‘fried and baked’ but who cares when it is so good. Don’t hold back on the amount […]

Vinos Ambiz Garnacha 2010 with Scotch eggs

A natural wine

Some may recall, on my post about natural wine, a brief discussion with Fabio of Vinos Ambiz in which he agreed to send me a bottle of his wine as long as I was brutally honest about it. This post is the culmination of that bargain. I agreed to be honest, Fabio, and I most […]

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