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On Cheeses

Earlier this week Branston Pickles released the results of a survey they commissioned to find out, amongst other things, the ten favourite cheeses of the people of Britain. The Telegraph duly obliged and published the press release with little or no comment. Elitistreview naturally have far higher editorial standards than The Telegraph, so I wanted […]

Marinda tomatoes

The tomato of god!

The world is full of wonders, most of which you will never discover. When you have had Isle of Wight and San Marzano tomatoes you think you have done ‘tomatoes’. Then you try Sicilian Marinda tomatoes and the world will never be the same again. These tomatoes are from the Pachino region of Sicily and […]

Yann Chave Hermitage 2009

Beef and Hermitage

Minor Hermitage producers have a hard time. Without plots of land from climats all over the great hill it is difficult to get the necessary balance of structure and fruit to produce a great wine that will age well. I think Domaine Colombier is a definite exception to this rule; Yann Chave suffers from it […]

Dani and Davy at the Bangkok Brasserie

Quickie: How to order food at a Thai restaurant

Today marks the thirteenth anniversary of the first restaurant meal I shared with The Editor after he moved to London the previous day. I could not dine with him that day as I had been detained in a loony bin and I was not allowed out until The Editor came and soothed my doctor’s nerves […]

A Jake's pork pie displaying it's meat

Jake’s pork pies are best

Jake’s pork pies epitomise the embarrassment of riches one can find at Hampshire Farmers’ Markets. They are made from free range pork sourced from the best Hampshire butchers, made locally in Hampshire and are the best example of a pork pie one can find anywhere. There is no doubt that the pork is excellent. It […]

Quickie: lomstercode: To celebrate Davy’s birthday, I am roasting this…

lomstercode: To celebrate Davy’s birthday, I am roasting this large rolled shoulder of pork (Oxford Sandy and Black, from Beechcroft Direct, of course). Let me complete this post. Rachel Waldron of Beechcroft Direct prepared this magnificent rolled shoulder of Oxford Sandy and Black pork for my little 40th birthday celebration of a small dinner party on […]

The rind and wooden former

Winslade, by ARSE it is good!

Hampshire Cheeses, makers of the brilliant Tunworth cheese, have come up with something new and by arse it is good! Their new creation, Winslade, is modelled on Vacherin Mont d’Or but easily surpasses all but one of the hundreds of them I’ve eaten (and that was when I was very drunk so I could have […]

Davy relishing a prawn

Elitistreview’s eighth anniversary dinner at The Bangkok Brasserie

Elitistreview is eight years today and, my, how it has blossomed into an artfully sculpted youth. I admit that before I had a course of Cognitive Behavioural therapy for psychosis in 2009 the posts were all too often often awkward and desperately unhappy, but since then the jokes have got a lot better. I have […]

Susan Wilk's Tempest Bowl

Susan Wilk’s Tempest Bowl

It usually pays to be happy and enthusiastic. When my chum Susan Wilk let slip she was a part time ceramicist I gleefully leapt at her twitter account to grill her for information about what she makes and, if she could manage it, some pictures – I have a definite thing for ceramics. The charming […]

Davy admiring the meaty delights

A guide to the best of the Hampshire Farmers Market

I love the Hampshire Farmers Market! The Editor and I enjoyed another cracking morning at the Winchester occurrence of Hampshire Farmers Markets today. We thought it would be a great service to you, our dear readers, to share our selection of the best stalls there in the order we enthusiastically march around the market. Of course, […]

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