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A falafel wrap being prepared

Falafel Express

Winchester is, in a way, a veritable Jerusalem – but with fewer stinking people who are convinced they are Jesus. A trip to the Falafel Express stand, on the High Street every Wednesday and Thursday, will only convince you further that you are in Al-Quds. Falafel Express are also on Southampton High Street on Fridays, […]

Davy outside Banh Mi 11

Is this London’s best banh mi?

According to Google I am a serious source of information on banh mi on London. I hope all future searchers visit this article for they will learn of some of the most stunning banh mi known to man and beast (me). Banh Mi 11 simply blew my mind with the nigh-unparalleled brilliance of their Vietnamese […]

The greatest toasted cheese sandwich known to man - made according to the recipe of Hawksmoor at Home

Hawksmoor’s ultimate toasted cheese sandwich

The cookbook Hawksmoor at Home is probably the only collection of cooking instructions you need. It provided this recipe for a toasted cheese sandwich. It was a spiffing sandwich. I admit it is not so much ‘toasted’ as ‘fried and baked’ but who cares when it is so good. Don’t hold back on the amount […]

Dani enjoying a dog at Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar, I enjoyed them to!

Hawksmoors’ latest addition

A couple of days ago Editor Daniel and I were extremely fortunate to be invited to the opening night of Hawksmoor Spitalfield’s new bar in their cellar. Once again it demonstrated that boss-men Huw and Will are unswerving in their desire to provide quality venues for good times for their customers. Let’s make one thing […]

Dani with a BM

Bloody Marys and burgers

At the last Hampshire Farmers’ Market Editor Dani and I picked up two bottles of Isle of Wight tomato juice from The Tomato Stall and we thought they’d make great BMs to go with Woodlands Jersey Beef burgers. I present the two greatest recipes for Bloody Marys the world has ever seen. There are several […]

Dani flashing his orbs

Orgasmic orbs

In honour of the great David J Constable and his noble Scotch Egg punditry I shall follow his lead and refer to the subject of this post as ‘orbs’. I aim to provide a reliable recipe for Scotch eggs/orbs, detail the qualities of required ingredients and give some suggestions for things to serve with them. […]

Duck gesier salad - it's definitely not goat turds!

Lunch best served blind

“The first bite is with the eye” is a phrase that often springs to mind when I am dining in an unfortunate restaurant. Duck gesier (gizzard) salad may look like a pile of goat droppings on a heap of rotting vegetation but it is a fast, easy and cheap dish to prepare for lunch. The […]

David noshing on grilled beef banh mi

Sandwiches sustain the sequence of summits

Things have been unusually positive and free from torrents of florid invective on this site recently. Since most readers I have met claim to prefer articles in which I am rude I’m a tad discomposed to report this is going to be another eulogistic one. Those who prefer ungracious bluntness will be saddened to learn […]

Mac Forbes and I flash our favourite ones

A day of superlatives – pizza, purveyor and producer

Tuesdays are rarely thought of as the most lark and jape-filled days, yet this Tuesday I had a royal time quite unlike any other Tuesday in recent memory. Not only was there excellent food and wine but greater enjoyment value was provided by seeing two friends who are firmly established at a far more grown-up […]

David at the Pitt Cue Co (a big picture of me is always good for the ego)

Fill your face with barbecue brilliance

Meat. Let us face it: if, when your thoughts turn to that most basic and enjoyable of corporeal requirements, eating, meat does not enter your thoughts in some major way you probably have some serious problems and need re-evaluate your life in a fundamental manner. The joys of eating meat are without number, and it […]

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