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Jerusalem cookbook

Jerusalem: a cookbook

The other day I had one of the most stunningly awesome meals of my life and it wonderfully affirmed the deep pleasure of being alive. That counts as ‘happy’! The Editor had cooked kofte and a tomato, herb and feta salad from the excellent cookbook Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi ( homepage here ) and Sami […]

Woodlands Jersey Beef roast rib of beef

Quality beef and the book that tells you how to cook it

Recently I’ve been eating some extremely scrummy beef from Woodlands Jersey Beef which has exceeded all my expectations as far as the local cattle goes. In order to serve these excellent hunks of animal at their best I’ve scoured my food tomes for the ideal methods of preparation. This has led to me thinking there […]


Cheese, supermarkets and Hilaire Belloc

Earlier today I was watching an old episode of A bit of Fry and Laurie and at one point Stephen Fry used the brilliant construction: “Unless I am more vastly mistaken than a man who believes that Hilaire Belloc is still alive.” This reminded me of the frighteningly long time since I had encountered his […]


No matter how right you are that is no excuse to be irritating

Book review: Liquid Memory – why wine matters by Jonathan Nossiter We were given this book as a christmas present. Written by the director of the film Mondovino, it promised to have an opinionated look at the world of wine. Whilst we largely agreed with what he had to say, it is an extremely irritating […]

From nature to plate – a great recipe book

Today we have been looking through our latest recipe book acquisitions to find new things to cook. One book has really stood out as having interesting, inventive and inviting recipes in it: From Nature To Plate by Tom Kitchin Long time readers may recall we when we were in Edinburgh back in April. It was […]

Cookery books you need to own

There are a myriad of cookery books all competing for our attention. I cannot claim I’ve read all of them, but I have experienced a few which any serious cook will find very useful. As far as general recipe books go, ones that cover a variety of foods, there are three I can whole-heartedly recommend. […]

An easy meal for lots of people

Today is my birthday and I am having some friends over to help ease the pain of becoming even more knackered and crapulent. I don’t want to spend the evening tied to the cooker so I have made something where all the preparation can be done in advance: a daube. This is beef and bacon […]