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Mordacious moonshine and transcendent tipples

Yesterday we held a little lunch party for our chums Mr Greg (the surgeon with the world’s highest alcohol tolerance) and Peter (the international analyst and war zone hopper). We showed them that brilliant Hampshire food exists at all ends of the spectrum. We started lunch with a scrumptious Jake’s Hampshire hand-cut pork pie with […]


The Elitstreview effervescent health elixir

Clonazepam deals very successfully with the anxiety of being bonkers, but it makes one tired and doesn’t really make one that happy. It also doesn’t do much for the happiness of those who have to look after we insane types. So Editor Dani and I sallied forth into Winchester and found ingredients to make a […]

Redwood Boysenberry Nip

New Zealand’s finest!

Long-time drinking buddy ‘Non-stinky’ Jeff Home is current enjoying life in New Zealand and sends this guest post. After long and involved articles on 2010 Burgundy it seemed a refreshing view into a different type of drink. I hope you find it enlightening. Over to NSJ: Redwood Boysenberry Nip is sold in 750ml bottles in […]

Marks and Spencer childish drinks

Elitistreview for kids!

Sadly the legal minds at Elitistreview have reminded me that titles like this are the sort of thing the dreary fun police and their miserable, misanthropic informers pounce upon just in case there is a suggestion that someone might be having a laugh. Consequently, I must point out that anyone below whatever age is required […]

VEP Yellow Chartreuse

The Olympique cocktail

Sometimes you find yourself in possession of a really filthy bottle of Champagne and it is always a conundrum as to whether you can face drinking it. The key, of course, is to make cocktails with it and tonight’s extremely decadent fizz-based cocktail is the Olympique. It is very simple, just pour a shot of […]


Whisky, who’d have thought it?

Whisky has never really done it for me. Many years ago I spent much money trying the best single malts I could find and, whilst I appreciated their complexity and characterful nature, I just didn’t like them very much. Enter Dan and Non-Stinky Jeff. Already , the bad fellows, and what was about to happen […]


What a rum old drink

This is the rum we scored from marvellous, marvellous in Edinburgh. It is frighteningly alcoholic for something that has been distilled in a pot still then aged in cask for 14 years. The key with these super-fiery spirits is to either dilute them a bit (if you are a bit girly, that is) or just […]

Cadenhead’s shop is a delight for the lover of hilariously strong booze

We were in Edinburgh at the weekend, and so we thought it a good idea to buy the neighbours a gift for cat-sitting. They love whisky and I am well-aware that you don’t get much better whisky than the single-cask, cask-strength whiskies you can buy from Cadenhead. They have an enormous range on offer, including […]


A promise of good times ahead

My dear partner has ordered some useful drinks: VEP Chartreuse I have mentioned recently. Those crazy monks also make fruit liqueurs (shown in the foreground) which are useful for making Kir, but can also be used to improve crap red wine. The gin is something we tried at the London Wine and Spirits Trade Fair, […]

Peaty monster

I find whisky to be slightly hard work, perhaps largely because I like cask-strength stuff and that hurts. Visiting the neighbours I quickly moved from a bottle of Zind-Humbrecht Pinot Gris to this, which is only marginally more alcoholic. The trick to tasting whiksy is to take the tiniest taste and let the flavours explode […]