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Quickie: Sexist soda

We were in our local wine shop and noticed they has some sexist soda from Italy on sale. Naturally we couldn’t help but buy some as they might have been nice drinking with our N’duja and pasta later that evening. As you can see, the N’duja with pasta looks brilliant, but the Chinotto was not […]

Big Cup Little Cup sachet of coffee pod

Big Cup Little Cup

Let us face it, caffeine is essential. In all honesty, probably more essential than the life-giving booze. Unless you were a Fleet Street journalist in the Seventies or an Oxford University student on the tasting team in the Nineties more work has been finished at the last minute in a panicked hurry thanks to caffeine […]

Dharkan Nespresso coffee in a Rupert Spira espresso cup

Nespresso Dharkan and Kazaar

A couple of days ago one of my oldest supposed friends abused me horribly by text, belittling and being wholly unrealistic about the seriousness of my current illness. The Bastard. It made me want to drink bleach. Instead I decided to try the new strength eleven and twelve Nespresso coffee capsules: Dharkan and Kazaar. The delay in this review appearing […]


Incredible ice cream and hilarious hot chocolate

This is really a recipe for hot chocolate of incredible dissolution value, but I will start off by mentioning my other favourite produce from the hot chocolate ingredient mongers. Meadow Cottage Farmhouse Dairy Produce do incredible things with the milk from their Jersey herd. We shall come to the cream and milk, but their ice […]


Blessed are the juice-makers

I’ve wanted to write about Hill Farm Apple Juice for ages – visiting for an orchard walk and tasting finally provided a great excuse. Hill Farm Apple Juice is so good I prefer it to most wine. Not hilariously fine wine, you understand, but most of the wine that most people drink most of the […]

Marks and Spencer childish drinks

Elitistreview for kids!

Sadly the legal minds at Elitistreview have reminded me that titles like this are the sort of thing the dreary fun police and their miserable, misanthropic informers pounce upon just in case there is a suggestion that someone might be having a laugh. Consequently, I must point out that anyone below whatever age is required […]

Mangajo silly drinks

Sometimes we need silly drinks

I despise grocery shopping – supermarkets just bore me to tears. The only thing that allows me to survive a shopping trip is the promise that I can buy some form of silly drink to amuse me as I trek home with bags of food. Whilst I’ve been stuck in hospital I have been brought […]

Drinks we need

I had a rather late night last night, indeed it dragged into what could be called a somewhat dissolute mid-morning. Consequently, when I hauled myself out of bed bright and early this afternoon I thought I’d make myself one of the brilliant Singatoba Nespresso coffees. It was indeed brilliant, and I felt moderately perked up. […]


Nespresso Special Club Singatoba – it is just amazing

The the partner gave me a couple of years ago has been quite the success story. From when I first got it the quality of coffee it pumps out was revelatory, particularly as you went up the strength levels`\ they just got better and better. The Ristretto pod was the best espresso I had ever […]


Singatoba – Nespresso Special Club 2009

OK, let’s get to the point: this is one of the most wonderful coffees I’ve had in my life. Now if I may expand (it is the anti-psychotics*, they make me so amazingly hungry) I’ll tell you why is is so good. As the Nespresso machine was pumping this coffee out my entire kitchen was […]

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