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Here comes Mad Friday! Run in terror! Ah, no, I think not...

A madly magnificent meal

Last Friday was ‘Mad Friday’, when drink-fuelled chaos and perturbation would roam the land, at least according to BBC News. It struck me that the only thing affecting the moods of people I saw was the healthy happiness of enjoying company of people they like. This was particularly true for Editor Daniel and me as […]


The monks defend their brew

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago Buckfast Tonic Wine was fingered as being a major cause of violence in Strathclyde, Scotland. I thought , but it seems that the monks who brew this euphemistic wine are now standing up for themselves. They make some very good points, some of which I covered. […]


If I go to a festival* I bloody need a drink

The BBC reports that a bunch of neo-prohibitionists are complaining that a Welsh language festival is planning to start serving alcohol. Selling alcohol (with food) seems a good idea at a mass festival, you’d have thought, but the Welsh council for alcohol and other drugs are, quite unsurprisingly, bitching at this reasonable move. They’ve started […]

Even though we are drinking less we still have to be warned about alcohol

The neo-prohibitionist’s favoured uncritical press-release reporter, the BBC News website, tells us we are drinking less. The amount of people buying alcohol from an off-license in the past year has dropped from 37% in 1998 to 27% in 2009 and we are drinking less in pubs and bars. If it were an enlightened reporter writing […]

The children! Please someone think of the children!

Whilst I would certainly agree that teenagers should not drink to excess, this piece of scare-mongering propaganda in the Telegraph can be neatly summed up by two quotes (one by an arch neo-prohibitionist) it contains: We’ve seeing (sic) a slight decline in the number of children who drink – Don Shenker, total arse and Chief […]


How to stop the neo-prohibitionists from winning

I mentioned the article on Velvet Glove, Iron Fist about the real history of binge-drinking in a tweet earlier. It is well worth reading, lots of interesting data there, and good criticism of the BBC News website’s latest bit of anti-drink propaganda. It makes the point very clearly that the moral panic over binge drinking […]


A new, irrelevant code of conduct for pubs

The BBC, favourite news outlet of the neo-prohibitionists thanks to its relentlessly uncritical reporting, has an article on the new code of conduct that will be introduced for pubs later this year. It contains the usual dodgy statistics and quotes from self-serving moral guardians (including pronouncements from the odious arse Don Shenker), but let us […]

Let us look in more detail at Scotland’s Buckfast violence epidemic

I Tweeted about the ‘terrible’ problems that Buckfast Tonic Wine (and it is really wine in a euphemistic sense) seems to be causing in Scotland as reported on the BBC News website a bit earlier and in a documentary on BBC Scotland to be broadcast later today. We need to look at this is a […]


Who cares about drinking guidelines when they are just made up?

There is another story on the BBC News website trying to scare Scottish people into drinking less alcohol and accept pointless restrictions on their liberty when it comes to alcohol pricing and availability. One of the things that vexed me about the article was that it says the average Scots drinker over the age of […]

Countering the neo-prohibitionist agenda

My Tweets have mentioned Pete Brown’s excellent series of articles which demolish a lot of lies told by those who wish to brow-beat us into not drinking. I thought they were so good and worth reading that I’d write a quick blog post to praise them more fully and hopefully bring them to the attention […]