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Hampshire beef stew

Quickie: Hampshire beef stew

I have you ever noticed how much some old men have to say in their sleep? That’s one of the things you pick up if you are a younger man in hospital. Go on all bloody night some of them. In my case my trip to ease out of a diabetic coma and ease into […]


The Elitstreview effervescent health elixir

Clonazepam deals very successfully with the anxiety of being bonkers, but it makes one tired and doesn’t really make one that happy. It also doesn’t do much for the happiness of those who have to look after we insane types. So Editor Dani and I sallied forth into Winchester and found ingredients to make a […]

Marks and Spencer childish drinks

Elitistreview for kids!

Sadly the legal minds at Elitistreview have reminded me that titles like this are the sort of thing the dreary fun police and their miserable, misanthropic informers pounce upon just in case there is a suggestion that someone might be having a laugh. Consequently, I must point out that anyone below whatever age is required […]


This summer’s drinking craze?

This alcoholic ginger beer is very easy to drink, could it be the next drinking fad of the summer? If so I feel at the cutting edge of cool. For those fancy a taste you can get it from Waitrose and their online operation Ocado.


Who cares about drinking guidelines when they are just made up?

There is another story on the BBC News website trying to scare Scottish people into drinking less alcohol and accept pointless restrictions on their liberty when it comes to alcohol pricing and availability. One of the things that vexed me about the article was that it says the average Scots drinker over the age of […]

Drinks we need

I had a rather late night last night, indeed it dragged into what could be called a somewhat dissolute mid-morning. Consequently, when I hauled myself out of bed bright and early this afternoon I thought I’d make myself one of the brilliant Singatoba Nespresso coffees. It was indeed brilliant, and I felt moderately perked up. […]

A picture from the archives

Bastard control-freak Labour government

OK, this story comes from the Daily Mail, so cannot be relied upon, but if it is true then I am totally appalled. We are told that supermarkets will have separate check-outs for people purchasing alcohol. This, apparently, will shame people into buying less alcohol and so counter Britain’s ‘binge-drinking culture’. What a pile of […]

Booze is healthy

A study has been reported on the BBC that alcohol consumption can lower the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. This is good news for me as there is a genetic component to it and my parents and grandparents all had it. None of them drank enough, in my opinionated opinion.

Ah no! The awfulness of it!

Real Perry (pear cider) can be quite delicious. This stuff, on the other hand, is actively repellent. I spit on the Jersey Cider Company for producing such evil filth. St. Helier Pear Cider, 5% Pale green colour. The nose is like essence of pear drops, incredibly confected and artificial. I can only imagine the temperature […]

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