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Aspall Imperial Cyder

This calls for RAW BOOZE!

I have some ultimately trivial but distinctly vexatious illness, consequently I am drinking raw booze in order to stop whining to The Editor. Hopefully it will put me to sleep until the cricket starts, or at least help me be generally jolly and crack increasingly weird jokes as my alcohol/blood ratio increases. This cider clocks […]

Cider and perry at the Winchester real ale festival

No binge-drinking, please, we’re nice

Real ale festivals, there’s only really two ways to approach them. Firstly, you can get roaringly paralytic having imbibed and vomited your body weight in pongy, soupy beer and pongy, acrid cider. Secondly, you can be so overwhelmed by the quantity on offer, with no way of distinguishing between any of it, that you instantly […]

Editor Daniel is gagging for some English pork

Hampshire farmers’ market is corking!

Editor Daniel has commented that Winchester is so nice it could be abroad. Certainly every time I go out my love for the place only increases. As we sallied forth to find breakfast this morning we noticed the farmers’ market was running and, whilst it resulted in a return of knackered heel agony, ambling around […]

One of the many entrances to The Turf Tavern

The Turf – one of Oxford’s finer features

I’ll admit to having gone off Oxford a shade since I spent many years there being refulgently brilliant, but this does not account for the revulsion I felt when getting off the train. Sadly, every route into the city of dreaming spires is a tiresome slog through dismal neighbourhoods filled with vile architecture; the view […]

The Dial Arch pub, Woolwich

My new local boozer

A new Young’s pub has opened in the development I reside in here in horrible, horrible Woolwich. This is one of the much touted improvements to the area that was supposed to have been instated within months of us moving here. We moved here almost four years ago so it is nice to see the […]


An even more booze-tastic reward for skipping lunch

This seems to be working quite well for me. What is even better (although not perhaps on the ‘minimising calorie intake’-front) is that I am so pleased with myself for fighting off the crazy hunger all day that I feel quite justified in rewarding myself with a nice little drinkie. Today I am drinking Westons […]

Some cider bargains

I’m currently drinking a glass of , it is really rather good. What is even better about it is that it is currently on sale at Sainsburys; three bottles for a fiver. A keen price for a tasty cider. There are better bargains out there at the moment. Ocado, the online supermarket, are selling Westons’ […]

Henry Westons Special Reserve Vintage Cider

Fighting cider

Westons seem to make most of the cider that one can find on supermarket shelves. Henry Westons Special Reserve Vintage Cider 2008, 8.2% A rich nose of apples with slight earthy characters. The fruit is quite fresh and complex, which we like very much. The palate is very characterful, with plenty of fruit and suggestions […]

Badger Apple Wood Cider

Badger Apple Wood Cider

Badger Apple Wood Cider, 6% This may not be the most heroic, the most characterful, or the most generally complex cider I’ve had in my life, but it is one of the nicest. It has a good, sweet, fresh fruit character which is backed up by a reasonable degree of sugar on the palate. It […]


Waitrose Organic Vintage Cider is dull

I took a picture of this the other day but didn’t review it. I worry that in this space of time someone might have been fooled into buying this piss-boring, slightly vile cider and so thrown their money away on a poor fun investment. Waitrose Organic Vintage Cider 2008, 5% This dreary nose just smells […]

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