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Dani enjoying a dog at Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar, I enjoyed them to!

Hawksmoors’ latest addition

A couple of days ago Editor Daniel and I were extremely fortunate to be invited to the opening night of Hawksmoor Spitalfield’s new bar in their cellar. Once again it demonstrated that boss-men Huw and Will are unswerving in their desire to provide quality venues for good times for their customers. Let’s make one thing […]

Outside Hawksmoor Guildhall looking forward to many japes and capers

Hawksmoor Guildhall – three, it’s the magic number

I think this organ demonstrates my dedication to the pursuit of ludicrously enjoyable experiences. Fortunately, my erratic stagger through life has presented an obscene number of these and so I feel confident in my ability to handle extreme gratification. However, our Tuesday dinner at the new branch of Hawksmoor was so pleasurable that even my […]

One of the many entrances to The Turf Tavern

The Turf – one of Oxford’s finer features

I’ll admit to having gone off Oxford a shade since I spent many years there being refulgently brilliant, but this does not account for the revulsion I felt when getting off the train. Sadly, every route into the city of dreaming spires is a tiresome slog through dismal neighbourhoods filled with vile architecture; the view […]

Remains of marrowbones

Hawksmoor – not only London’s best steak restaurant but also incredible cocktails

The celebration of me becoming even more knackered and rancid (which is to say, my birthday event) took place at Hawksmoor – London’s best meat restaurant. The usual selection of delectable bits of animal (the remains of some are pictured left) were on offer, but I was gratifyingly altered by the brilliance of their new […]

Hawksmoor Seven Dials dining room

Hawksmoor Seven Dials – version 2 of London’s best meat restaurant

Long time readers will know that in my opinion Hawksmoor is the most stunning, staggering and stupefyingly brilliant source of steaks in London. I’ve had so many blissfully happy meals in the restaurant near Spitalfields that I’ve come to view it as a home away from home, although I admit my home is less themed […]

A mag of Crozes-Hermitage Domaine Thalabert 2006, Jaboulet

Zombies and a mag of Crozes Thalabert – serious drinking at Hawksmoor

I’ve raved about Hawksmoor (London’s best meat restaurant) on many occasions; it is just such a good place to engage in quality meat action. However, I don’t feel I have done justice to their brilliant bar. Hawksmoor’s bar has provided me with restorative cocktails on so many occasions that I can only vaguely remember last […]

The Greenwich Union

A trip to the Greenwich Union

When you sit in a waiting room packed with screaming children for half an hour because the receptionist refuses to give you your prescription for anti-lunacy drugs until you’ve seen a doctor. When the doctor interrogates you intensely, accusing you of being a bad boy and not taking your medication. When you escape this third […]

Steak and ale pie at the Barrow Boy and Banker

Admirable ales and passable pies at the Barrow Boy and Banker

I have the questionable fortune to live in Woolwich. My flat is nice enough but to get anywhere remotely civilised requires 25 minutes of sharing a train with the South-East London detritus. Luckily, once the train hits London Bridge I am just seconds away from the Barrow Boy and Banker, a decorous oasis of superior […]

The Dial Arch pub, Woolwich

My new local boozer

A new Young’s pub has opened in the development I reside in here in horrible, horrible Woolwich. This is one of the much touted improvements to the area that was supposed to have been instated within months of us moving here. We moved here almost four years ago so it is nice to see the […]


My trip to the Greenwich Union for sandwiches and brilliant beer

Regular readers will perhaps not be surprised to read that my drinking buddy at the Union earlier was my close personal associate ‘The Kid’ Peter, we wanted an unpretentious lunch and some top beer. Our sandwiches were perfectly edible, whereas the beer was of the very highest quality. We started off with a pint of […]

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