Sixpoint Bengali Tiger

Quickie: Craft beer in a can

This quickie is to celebrate the birthday of my friend Peter. He appreciates quality beer, particularly of the IPA variety, so this beer would really appeal to him. The excellent chain  J D Wetherspoon have just started selling real ale in a can from the United States brewery Sixpoint. The cans are coated with a […]

Hampshire beef stew

Quickie: Hampshire beef stew

I have you ever noticed how much some old men have to say in their sleep? That’s one of the things you pick up if you are a younger man in hospital. Go on all bloody night some of them. In my case my trip to ease out of a diabetic coma and ease into […]


Quickie: Sexist soda

We were in our local wine shop and noticed they has some sexist soda from Italy on sale. Naturally we couldn’t help but buy some as they might have been nice drinking with our N’duja and pasta later that evening. As you can see, the N’duja with pasta looks brilliant, but the Chinotto was not […]

Big Cup Little Cup sachet of coffee pod

Big Cup Little Cup

Let us face it, caffeine is essential. In all honesty, probably more essential than the life-giving booze. Unless you were a Fleet Street journalist in the Seventies or an Oxford University student on the tasting team in the Nineties more work has been finished at the last minute in a panicked hurry thanks to caffeine […]

Dharkan Nespresso coffee in a Rupert Spira espresso cup

Nespresso Dharkan and Kazaar

A couple of days ago one of my oldest supposed friends abused me horribly by text, belittling and being wholly unrealistic about the seriousness of my current illness. The Bastard. It made me want to drink bleach. Instead I decided to try the new strength eleven and twelve Nespresso coffee capsules: Dharkan and Kazaar. The delay in this review appearing […]


Beer at the Bishop on the Bridge

Today we the first reasonably warm day of spring, so jolly t-shirt on and off to the River Itchen for a walk to spot ducks, swans and hopefully trout. I always feel so happy to see tasty brown trout swimming in the river running through what is pretty much central Winchester. Sadly, as The Editor […]

A jar of Perfect Pickles pickled onions

The new season’s Perfect Pickles pickled onions

Last year we utterly adored the pickled onions from Perfect Pickles. They were vibrant, crunchy, acidic as hell and really rather spicy, so we purchased a few jars of the new season’s onions to have over the Christmas break, this is how many we got: As work has been a bit crazy over Christmas, and […]


The Elitstreview effervescent health elixir

Clonazepam deals very successfully with the anxiety of being bonkers, but it makes one tired and doesn’t really make one that happy. It also doesn’t do much for the happiness of those who have to look after we insane types. So Editor Dani and I sallied forth into Winchester and found ingredients to make a […]

Aspall Imperial Cyder

This calls for RAW BOOZE!

I have some ultimately trivial but distinctly vexatious illness, consequently I am drinking raw booze in order to stop whining to The Editor. Hopefully it will put me to sleep until the cricket starts, or at least help me be generally jolly and crack increasingly weird jokes as my alcohol/blood ratio increases. This cider clocks […]


Incredible ice cream and hilarious hot chocolate

This is really a recipe for hot chocolate of incredible dissolution value, but I will start off by mentioning my other favourite produce from the hot chocolate ingredient mongers. Meadow Cottage Farmhouse Dairy Produce do incredible things with the milk from their Jersey herd. We shall come to the cream and milk, but their ice […]

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