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Happy 2016 to all my wonderful readers

A day in advance, I know, but team Elitistreview, including Kisu the Elitistreview office cat, would like to wish you a happy new year. May 2016 be the best year ever filled with love, happiness, wonderful food and extremely fine wine. Team Elitistreview, but not Kisu, will be washing away all the vile memories of […]

Bastard thief

Thieving bastard

The Editor and I had a bit of bad news on Monday morning. I got a call from the host of our cellar in France and he told us it had been broken into and a large proportion of our wine had been stolen. I was a shade distraught at this news. Our wine collections […]

Domaine Arlaud Morey-St-Denis 1er Cru Millandes 2006

Earthy and meaty

Domaine Arlaud wines were a stunning success at my third birthday party. Now I cannot deny I may have formed this opinion because I drank an awful lot of the two Grand Cru magnums going around, but I’m told by people who had the best Premier Cru (Ruchots) from a top village (Morey-Saint-Denis) that it […]

Davy relishing a prawn

Elitistreview’s eighth anniversary dinner at The Bangkok Brasserie

Elitistreview is eight years today and, my, how it has blossomed into an artfully sculpted youth. I admit that before I had a course of Cognitive Behavioural therapy for psychosis in 2009 the posts were all too often often awkward and desperately unhappy, but since then the jokes have got a lot better. I have […]

Gevrey-Chambertin 'Aux Echezeaux' 2011, Henri Jouan

Please, be gentle with me…

My exhortation in the title is both a reference to how I remember this wine caressing me on my last taste of it and also a plea regarding the hyper-critical faculties I know Elitistreview readers render patent when assaying this organ. I arrogate your good favour when you read this post purely because I am […]

Driving to Burgundy

I seek the help of a kind reader

UPDATE: I have solved my problem. Many thanks to all who offered to help!  wondered if one of you, my valued readers, might be able to help me out with a problem. The editor has revealed the full horror of our financial malposition and in order to avoid getting evicted I need to sell my […]

Davy scoffing banh mi

Surviving Burgundy en primeur tastings in London

Later today I head into London to attend two 2011 Burgundy en primeur tastings. I love tasting the wines but utterly despise London . London is filthy, loud and packed with unhappy people who react as if you’ve threatened to stab them if you look them in the eye. I am so worried about going […]


Elitistreview is for sale!

Elitistreview is quite popular: I’ve had 97,691 visitors in the past year and they come back, on average, a little over three times each and look at two and one half pages per visit. I also think it’s quite good for a site about rare wines and obscure food experiences, and the readership numbers would […]


Make me a happy three year old

Things haven’t been great recently. Lowering my dose of antipsychotics caused serious mental health issues which still are not fully resolved. The resultant epic anxiety and paranoia has affected my physical health – I’ve been blowing bits like you would not believe. I’m thoroughly sick of having aged into a schizophrenic collection of maladies. Consequently, […]


Red wine and tranquilisers

I’m still feeling distinctly bonkers and greatly appreciating the Clonazepam I was prescribed yesterday in order to deal with the anxiety of being Tonto. In the information leaflet that comes with them they warn that drinking alcohol concurrently can lead to extra sedation. When I got a delivery of wine this morning I thought I […]

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