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Mail fail

Mail fail

This is just a quick bit of site news. I have just discovered that I have not been getting comments and feedback that should have been emailed to me for an embarrassingly long time. I know I am opinionated but I did not think I was so unpopular that I deserved no feedback at all […]


Elitistreview – one decade on

Today marks a decade of this illustrious organ. Wow! During that time I have posted 1,431 articles, which is an average of 2.8 per week. Last year or so might have brought down that average, but never mind. 1,431 articles is still one hell of a lot of fine wine, excellent meals, ceramics and psychotic […]



Some of the most popular posts on Elitistreview are those reviewing coffee pods; the review of Dhakan and Kazaar still gets over 2000 views a month despite being two years old. Consequently, I have decided to remove this distraction from Elitistreview and spin the coffee pod reviews into their own site. Caffeine-Fix.co.uk will now be […]

Davy relishing a prawn

Elitistreview’s eighth anniversary dinner at The Bangkok Brasserie

Elitistreview is eight years today and, my, how it has blossomed into an artfully sculpted youth. I admit that before I had a course of Cognitive Behavioural therapy for psychosis in 2009 the posts were all too often often awkward and desperately unhappy, but since then the jokes have got a lot better. I have […]

Elitistreview Currents view

Some techie stuff about subscribing to Elitistreview

Much as it pain me to bore you all, dear readers, with boring technical stuff, I’m afraid I’m going to have to enlighten you about a few things if you are to keep mirthfully perusing my august organ. Some of my RSS subscribers will need to re-subscribe, as will some email subscribers, but to soften […]


Elitistreview is for sale!

Elitistreview is quite popular: I’ve had 97,691 visitors in the past year and they come back, on average, a little over three times each and look at two and one half pages per visit. I also think it’s quite good for a site about rare wines and obscure food experiences, and the readership numbers would […]


Seven years of Elitistreview

Elitistreview started seven years ago today – hooray! I’m amazed it has continued for so long and actually got a lot better in recent years. My readers appear to have think it has got better as well; in the past year I’ve had 86,494 unique visitors which is an increase of 38.4% on the previous […]


Track David on his Burgundy jaunt

Here you can see a map of where I have been in the last 30 minutes (assuming my phone can connect to the internet). If you come back regularly you can track my tour of terrific Burgundy producers and see exactly where the Domaine Dujac swimming pool is located. I’ll geo-tag my Tweets as well […]


Off to Burgundy!

At a frighteningly early hour this Sunday morning I will be heading off to taste the 2011s in Burgundy. I missed my trip last year, due to nearly dying repeatedly all summer, and I’m really looking forward to seeing my friends there. As I set off I will post a map here that will update […]

A brief hiatus

I am afraid there will be a dearth of new posts on Elitistreview over the next couple of weeks or so. On Tuesday I was on my way to A La Cruz for lunch and was suddenly consumed with incredible pain. I made it into the nearest hospital and was told I had extremely severe […]

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