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Three 2001 Alsace Rieslings

Four truly stunning bottles of Alsace Riesling and a blind-tasting challenge

The first three bottles of Alsace Grand Cru Riesling were showing terribly well. Then we had a blind tasting challenge courteousy of the that excellent chap Captain ‘The Kid’ Peter, before we finished up the evening with a quite obscenely brilliant bottle of (again) Alsace Riesling. I present the blind-tasting challenge in the form of […]


Two bargain and yet pleasing wines

Yes, yes, it is more of those podcasts; me speaking drivel as it occurs to me. I feel audio notes are quite good to get one’s raw opinion of a wine, but the little bit of extra reflection that goes with writing way well help. The Fergus 2006, Tim Adams The Fergus 2005, Tim Adams


Another audio tasting note

I just thought it would be fun to record me raving about a couple of wines and see if I said anything amusing. I suppose I did in the last one. Cote-Rotie Classique 2005, Clusel-Roch It was an amazing wine, one of my very favourite Cote-Roties along with such producers as Jamet, Burgaud, Jasmin and […]


Really classy white Burgundy

This is an audio tasting note, recorded in the heat of battle. Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru les Pucelles 2005, Domaine Henri Boillot There will be another audio tasting note tomorrow.

Claret rant

An apology and a podcast

Sorry I have not been posting notes of late. I have been violently ill which has made drinking wine a lot less possible. Yesterday and today I seem to be feeling a bit better so hopefully I will have an excuse to pop something good soon. To make up for the gap I present an […]