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Seven years of Elitistreview

Elitistreview started seven years ago today – hooray! I’m amazed it has continued for so long and actually got a lot better in recent years. My readers appear to have think it has got better as well; in the past year I’ve had 86,494 unique visitors which is an increase of 38.4% on the previous […]


A song about wine

In view of the slightly unhappy post that has been at the top of this page for the past few days I present something a bit lighter: a song. Of course, I apologise profusely to Mr Rodgers and Mr Hammerstein for shamelessly ripping off their jolly song and corrupting it with a booze-theme, but it […]


Is it me or or is this decanter vastly suggestive?

If you ask me this looks incredibly rude, bit then I suppose my mind is in the gutter… either that or Georg Riedel has a message for us he is trying to convey with quality glassware.


Sometimes I really feel like this


Vacherin Mont d’Or

I love Vacherin Mont d’Or. It is one of the great treats of the year to see the first Vacherin Mont d’Or of the season on sale. I always make sure I leave it in the fridge for a few days before noshing it all is a cheese-a-rific orgy of stinky fermented curd, this means […]

I haven’t been drinking

But I found this to be very funny:


Meat head

I have just ordered another bottle of Pommard Premier Cru to drink over the up-coming weeks. This reminded me of when I visited Domaine de Courcel in the summer and saw this charmingly-named meat merchant’s van in the village: Perhaps ‘moron’ has some other meaning in French.