Davy outside Banh Mi 11

Who has the fifth best attire in the wine trade?

Me! ME!! It’s ME who has the fifth best trousers in the wine trade! Hooray!

To explain, that august publication The Drinks Business has published an article covering the top ten red trouser wearers in the wine trade and I come a heady fifth place! Isn’t that beezer? I’ve got some pretty good accolades in my time but David Strange – fifth best red trouser wearer in the wine trade is only four steps away from being unbeatable! I’m extremely flattered and highly amused.

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I am a terribly charming loony who has finally found that severe PTSD, Generalised Anxiety Disorder and chronic psychosis is, on one of my all too rare good days, only a moderate impediment to having crazy fun with wine and food. Catch me outside and I am liable to be loudly attired.

  • Tom Blach

    A triumph, David. I assume you do not purchase your power pants from the advertiser currently appearing underneath your piece!

  • Tom Blach

    It was evans.co.uk. They seem to sell power pants, which I find a little worrying.

    • Never heard of them!

      I’ve just cut myself a large slice of Lyburn Gold; isn’t life lovely?