Seven years of Elitistreview

Elitistreview started seven years ago today – hooray! I’m amazed it has continued for so long and actually got a lot better in recent years. My readers appear to have think it has got better as well; in the past year I’ve had 86,494 unique visitors which is an increase of 38.4% on the previous year.

This post is a celebration of the diatribes and dissolution that is Elitistreview. I will choose seven of my favourite posts that will hopefully give you a giggle.

Firstly, abuse! The post everyone will surely want me to link to is the review of the utterly vomit-making Mollydooker horror. If you are after abuse I prefer this hatchet-job on the vile one star Serge et Company in Strasbourg from 2008. Abuse has been a constant feature of Elitistreview, this little number is from my second month online.

Sometimes the rage is tinged with happiness. This review of my local Thai restaurant on, what we were told, was the craziest night of the year shows my happiness with good food and my hatred of scaremongering, meddlesome ratbags. Purely as far as happiness goes I did rather like this Prum 1996 back in 2009. More on the rant side was this piece on my love for Sulfur in wine.

FloralandHappyFinally, I think no blog would be complete without a bit of information about its author. I was particularly pleased with this talk I gave in the Houses of Parliament about schizophrenia, not only because of the quality of the talk but also because of my stunning sartorial brilliance.

And with those seven posts I shall leave you to celebrate Elitistreview’s anniversary with me as I stagger off to get a huge drink. At least seven more years! Hooray!

  • bags

     Congratulations, David. Yours is one of my very favorite blogs, and you are one of the people whose story and voice I most admire. Here’s to another 7 (and many multiples of that) years!

  • Thanks you, bags, that it very kind of you!

  • Tom Blach

    Keep up the good work, David. The great thing about such passionate writing is that one always ends up with so much better an idea of the wine in question than one would from a supposedly more objective (not that I buy that idea) viewpoint.

  • Ian Black

     Well done David!  You have hereby demonstrated the ability to outlast both Serge & Co (I think) and Dr. Jay Miller’s reviewing days.  I think this calls for a celebration!

  •  Congratulations and well done, David! I have only been following you for less than half of the trip so far, but have – and I am sure will continue to – enjoyed it. Especially photos involving trousers and ties!