Someone knows what I like

I’ve been sent a little gift, hooray! It is a little vase from the Indus valley – Harappan, I’m told, dating from between 1800BCE and 2800BCE. It is only about 5cm tall but I am rather taken with it.

[image image_id=”4848″ size=”medium” align=”left”]

Quite a looker, eh? I am terribly grateful to those few people who have sent me gifts. Not only is it nice to know that people like the drivel I write on Elitistreview but also, given my appalling financial state, there is no way I can afford to buy lovely little things like this vase no matter how much I crave them. I think our lives are improved by owning beautiful things, so I’m terribly grateful to those who have provided me with a bit of aesthetic illumination.

At gun-point I might be forced to admit I have a very slight preference for my [link2post id=”4190″]pre-historic caviar bowl[/link2post], but it doesn’t really matter – I love all of my ceramics.

  • Lance

    It looks wonderful. Tell us more about it. Was it nicked from a museum?

  • Hi Lance,

    There is a geezer on internet tat purveyor eBay who sells this type of thing; here is his shop. The little Indus valley pieces seem remarkably affordable.

    Did you see the picture on twitpic of the big one you supplied me with? I’m terribly happy, and very grateful, to have such a great thing.