A song about wine

In view of the slightly unhappy post that has been at the top of this page for the past few days I present something a bit lighter: a song.

Of course, I apologise profusely to Mr Rodgers and Mr Hammerstein for shamelessly ripping off their jolly song and corrupting it with a booze-theme, but it seems funny to me. So allow me to present: My favourite wines.

Sherry for luncheon followed by Riesling
Knocking back Bandol until I am wheezing
Fresh, young Sancerre before it declines
These are a few of my favourite wines

Morey from Dujac all fruity and floral
Giving me pleasures both nasal and oral
Drinking smart fizz when I’m dressed to the nines
These are a few of my favourite wines

Pinot from Mac Forbes is really quite spiffy
Ridge Zinfandel gets me totally squiffy
Drinking Loire Chenin of multiple kinds
These are a few of my favourite wines

When the Claret bores
When the cash confines
When the wine’s a thug
I simply remember my favourite wines
And then I feel rather smug

I should make it very clear that there is no chance of a recording of me singing this making it online unless large amounts of money changes hands and lots of fine wine gets consumed.

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  • Richard Katz

    How much and what do we need to pour down your throat to get you to sing? £100 to pebbles for a start. Can get Thom Blach to accompany you.

  • I bet Julie Andrews is quaking in her boots. 😉 Welcome back, David!

  • Lance has just sung this for me and has offered to duet with you…
    By the way, Hirtzberger Singerriedel has just arrived at LCB, and that should be enough to encourage anyone to burst into appropriately Austrian song!

  • Alex Lake

    Well, it certainly beats so long, farewell!

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  • AC

    That’s more like it, David!

  • Peter Kleban

    Cute, David! Keep on singing! Music is good for the soul.

  • So Sancerre is one of your favourite wines, David? I am surprised. I had thought you were relieved to be no longer obliged to open bottles of Sauvignon Blanc for blind tasting practice.

  • Hi Peter,

    Jean-Larent ‘Le Homme’ Vacheron makes great Sancerre of both colours.

    Hope you are well.

  • Guy Dennis

    What do you make of Cotat’s sancerres – I had an 10+ year-old one once, and thought it beautiful.

  • ed tully

    Hmm! The problem with verse is you are obliged to say things that are not really true. Sancerre? No, no. Much as I admire the great Vacheron I would not immortalise him. What about the Nahe? Waht about Pol, Krug, or Cristal? Gosh and golly.

  • It is only a short song, Mr T, I cannot mention everything. But you are wrong to be sniffy about Le Homme’s Sancerre. The generic is always a delight, his prestige cuvee is throbbingly mineral and the crafty bottle of his top red from 2005 I popped the other day was freaking triple-A. Top chap who makes top wines. I’ll admit my list of favoured Sancerre producers is small, but getting a mouthful of Le Homme’s offering is always a treat.

    Guy, I too have been impressed by older Cotat’s. One just does not expect Sauvignon Blanc to perform so well in the cellar. Good stuff.

  • OK David, but let’s move from the specific to the general. I agree that Jean-Laurent makes very nice wines. But when listing your favourite wines, in general, does Sancerre belong up there? But it’s fine. It’s just that, having heard you lamenting about the burden of having to drink so much Sauv Blanc in Oxford, I was surprised.
    Hope you are well.

  • Yes, but if I may twist and turn like a twisty, turny thing, it is New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc I am pleased I don’t have to try all the bloody time. Cannot stand the stuff (with a couple of exceptions that escape me at the moment).

    Are you back in Town, Peter? If so we must arrange larks.

  • Twisting and turning is fine. Definitely up for larks!