I call this steak plus accoutrements 'lunch'

Lunch at Hawksmoor, the best meat restaurant in London

Hawksmoor most definitely delivered a ludicrously high quality lunch experience. There are no words I can add to this picture:

[image image_id=”2787″ title=”I call this steak plus accoutrements ‘lunch'”]

Shame about the background lettuce, eh?

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I am a terribly charming loony who has finally found that severe PTSD, Generalised Anxiety Disorder and chronic psychosis is, on one of my all too rare good days, only a moderate impediment to having crazy fun with wine and food. Catch me outside and I am liable to be loudly attired.

  • ed tully

    eggs? Why eggs? What’s that about?

  • It is an Argentine thing, but is better than that makes it sound. Fried eggs with steak is a properly satisfying combination.