Is it me or or is this decanter vastly suggestive?

If you ask me this looks incredibly rude, bit then I suppose my mind is in the gutter… either that or Georg Riedel has a message for us he is trying to convey with quality glassware.

  • Isabelle

    Absolute FILTH!

  • Jeremy

    Have to agree. They’ve gone from making bed pans to worse. Are they making ice buckets in the shape of women’s genitals as a combination piece?

  • ed tully

    It is quite amusing though. Presumably it is for over ripe shiraz?

  • Jeremy

    No, it’s for warm vintage Pomerol. Ripe and plummy.

  • Peter

    I’m struggling to think of the right occasion to use such a decanter.

  • Gernot

    Jealous about the Austrians…