Another trip to the excellent Franco Manca

I’ve reviewed Franco Manca, Brixton’s brilliant pizza establishment, already (go [link2post id=”351″]here for the review[/link2post]). I don’t really need to repeat all of it, but it is worth re-iterating that their pizzas really are of wonderful quality and very affordable. It is a great place to stop for a quick lunch, which we did today with our lovely friend Katie. As you can see in the last picture , she was well up for diving right into her pizza.

My choice of pizza was one of their home-cured Gloucester old spot ham offerings; quite delicious. It looked like this:

[image image_id=”2110″]

The partner had a pizza topped with fresh and dried chorizo; he was most satisfied with it.

[image image_id=”2111″]

Finally, Katie had one of the daily specials: a quattro stagione. Her enthusiasm for quality pizza is plain for all to see!

[image image_id=”2113″]

If you want a quick lunch, or a really high-quality pizza, or preferably both you will find Franco Manca delivers the goods. We shall return many more times.

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