My first Blaufrankisch in a while

When we were putting together our affordable selection of wines for drinking this stood out as being worth snapping up thanks to recommendations from both Eric Asimov and that top geezer [link2post id=”315$$##.aspx#commentstart”>Gernot Schleiss[/link2post]. Elegant and terroir specific, we are told.

[image image_id=”2102″ align=”left”] Blaufrankisch ‘Eisenberg’ 2007, Uwe Schiefer

A lovely nose of fresh plum fruit, not in any way overblown or heavy, and this fruit fits well with the other spicy, peppery aromas that are present. There is a pleasing amount of liquorice/aniseed/Thai holy basil* complexity as well. As I smell this so many memories of tasting with my old friend Gernot come flooding back: it smells like Blaufrankisch, good Blaufrankisch. The palate is really rather pleasing. There is a refined tannic structure intertwined with lots of lovely plummy fruit and bracing acidity. The fruit really persists on the rather long finish along with more of that peppery spiciness. It may only be a light-to-medium bodied wine but it has real depth of flavour and an impressive degree of complexity. All this from a £15 drinking wine? Brilliant! I could not possibly comment on its age-worthiness, but you can happily drink this now with a surprising degree of pleasure. Fascinating stuff and a good buy.

*Yes, I can write irritating lists of things in my tasting notes too, just like this arse.

  • Peter

    I’ve also had a few bottles of this recently and am struck at what a great alternative it is for someone who like burgs. It’s a nice and ready, great fruit and acidity. Funny that I’ve also been trying out the David Clark wines and love them as well. Both Weygrant selections, BTW, here in the States. I’ll have to check out some of your other recommendations.

  • David Strange

    Thanks for dropping by Peter, hope you enjoy the site!

    I also found the Blaufrankisch to be quite Burgundian; a style I like very much. Wines don’t have to be huge to be good; little, light wines can be such enjoyable drinks, whether with food or just as refreshment of an evening.

    Nice to run into another fan of David Clark, he is still somewhat of an underground success story. Some of the best Bourgogne Rouges I’ve tasted.

  • Wine Rambler

    Ah, I have not had a good Blaufraenkisch in a while, in fact, I have recently been rather slack in my pursuit of Austrian wine, something which cannot go on forever. So thanks for reminding me to add something Austrian to my next wine order!

  • David Strange

    So many good wines out there, so little time (and, more to the point, so little money).

    Good as this wine was I feel I am generally more compelled by Austrian whites rather than the reds (but I’ll certainly be buying more reds). Think of all of those wonderful offerings from Prager, Knoll, Pichler, Hirtzberger and Brundlmeyer to name but five. Lovely Rieslings (yum!) and top Gruner Veltliners.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  • uwe schiefer

    this kind of blaufränkisch, grewn on a steep shist-hill in a cool climate region , and vinificated very pure -after the method – “less is more” – could age very well, in my experience, it will be best between 4-6 years, but you can also try to keep 8-10 years – and you`ll not be disappointed!

  • David Strange

    Many thanks for dropping by Mr Schiefer! Great to have your input. It was great to have your wine too; we loved it.

  • Gernot Schleiss

    Dropping by Uwe Schiefer’s winery yesterday we tried his 07/08/09 range. There are some white Schiefer (Welschriesling – not related to Riesling) and in the near future Weissburgunder as well. Even they are Burgundian in smell, mineral and will age nicely. We have been utterly impressed by his total range. The 07’ths are more fruity and elegant, the 08’ths more Burgundian with gooseberry minerality from the barrel and the 09’ths with great depth and more ripeness.
    Already the Eisenberg drinks nicely and displays the iron/orange flavours related to Eisenberg (iron hill). Very good indeed the Szapary with more mineral/spice and top as usual Rheiburg with an elegance not often found in Austria and especially Blaufränkisch. Uwe Schiefer shows the way! Well done!

  • David Strange

    Thanks for the update, Gernot. I was rather pleased he left a comment this morning; I felt special (special in a good way).

    We were so impressed by this 07 we will seek out more of his wines. Off the top of my head I cannot think of a better red wine for £15. Top kit that gets the Elitist Review seal of approval!